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5 Simple Ways CBD Oil can Soothe Anxiety

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Cannabis has gone mainstream. Its legalization for medical use is sweeping across the many U.S. States and other nations as well. The substance is popular since it can be useful in treating persistent health conditions, be it physical or mental. 

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, then you know what you’re getting with high supplies or other retailers. However, novice users are still confused about whether the compound is even legal or not. Cannabis still faces substantial challenges but fortunately, CBD or cannabidiol is legal in many states and offers the medical appeal of cannabis without the high. 

CBD use is becoming more popular because of its anti-anxiety effects. Unlike over-the-counter drugs, CBD is not addictive and causes no unwelcomed side effects. 

There are many ways to take CBD to relieve anxiety. If you’re still undecided, below are 5 simple ways of taking CBD that you should consider. 

1. Ingest CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are a fun way to take CBD. They come ready to eat in many forms such as candies, and sweet treats. When you ingest CBD edibles it takes less than 30 minutes to feel the effects that make it suitable for anxiety. Plus, the effects last longer in your body. 

Apart from buying pre-made edibles, you can make them at home. The process is easy and allows you to decide what to include. You only need to know how to add the right amount of CBD. 

Edibles are popular as they are effective and offer a discreet way to take CBD. You can carry CBD edibles like gummies anywhere and take them anytime. 

2. Add CBD to Your Food or Drink

Adding CBD into your food is no doubt an easy way to take it. The good thing about cooking with CBD is that you can add it to your favorite recipe and completely avoid the earthy taste. 

CBD oil is versatile making it a good ingredient for your CBD-infused meal. All you need is basic cooking skills. You can add CBD to different foods. It also works well with drinks. However, you’ll need fat-soluble drinks to mix the CBD oil.  

Coffee is incredible for anxiety. It has caffeine that can improve your productivity, focus, and reduce anxiety. Adding a few drops of CBD into your coffee can enhance its effects enabling you to enjoy more of its benefits. 

3. Use Sublingual CBD Oil

The sublingual application of CBD oil is a popular remedy for anxiety because of its quick absorption. CBD oil is placed under the tongue and held for about two minutes. 

Everyone has a thin layer that lines the floor of the mouth. This part has a  mucous membrane that is highly permeable and allows quick absorption. The CBD oil will pass through it and enter the blood through the capillaries. Furthermore, this method has higher bioavailability. This means more nutrients will reach your body leading to a powerful effect. 

Sublingual administration of CBD oil is good for beginners as it’s easy to do. You can simply measure the dosage using the dropper that comes with the product. 

4. Vape CBD Oil

Many people now use vape cannabis products including CBD. It’s an alternative to those who want to take CBD oil without smoking it. To vape CBD oil, you need a vape pen and CBD oil e-liquid.

Vaping CBD oil e-liquid is a quick way to feel its effects and fight acute anxiety attacks. When it’s inhaled, CBD oil molecules go through the lungs before entering the bloodstream, bypassing digestion. 

It’s believed that CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors found in the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system. The CBD 1 and CBD 2 are known to modify serotonin levels that influence your mental health. Increasing serotonin levels reduces anxiety. 

5. CBD Oil Capsules

CBD capsules come in the form of gel or pills. They are made using CBD oil from the hemp plant. The capsules are in measured amounts, making it easy to keep track of your doses. The capsules are also easy to incorporate into your routine. 

They also offer a convenient way to take CBD. It can take about 30 minutes before the CBD takes effect since it has to pass digestion. The effects last longer and can offer a long-lasting solution for anxiety.


CBD oil is effective in treating anxiety. Research findings have been put forward to support this claim. Besides, it’s a natural method with no side effects or chances of addiction. 

So, if you are planning on managing anxiety using CBD oil, just choose a way that suits your lifestyle. Along with this, what matters most is the difference in the time that CBD takes to enter your bloodstream. Hence, it’s also essential to consult a medical expert or a physician before you start taking CBD for treatment. 

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