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9 Factors Affect an Orgasm in Women

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Have you ever wondered that in the act of lovemaking, why only 25% of the women get to enjoy the steamy sensation chills? What about the rest? 75% of the women, who didn’t either reach close to the climax every time or, in simple words, don’t have that fireworks moment at all. So, what are the factors that affect an orgasm in women?

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, it has been found that inadequate sleep, tight work schedules, anxiety, and stress are a few common factors that affect an orgasm in women.

So, if you are struggling with any of these issues, talk to your doctor or consult a therapist. Let your partner know that what you are going through? At such times, in relationships, communication is essential. You can’t go to bed daily dealing with such problems alone; having an open sex conversation with your partner is important.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at daily habits that could affect your orgasm.

What Factors Affect an Orgasm in Women?

1. Hormonal changes:

It happens because of changes that occur in the female body, most notably after the first sex, childbirth, or menopause. Following all of this, a woman finds it difficult to experience sexual satisfaction – because of the reorganized body structure. There is usually the enlargement of the vagina after childbirth. The hormones in charge of sexual activities deteriorate during menopause because the urge for sex reduces.

2. Not enough stimulation:

Most of the time, because of a lack of experience or inability of the partner to thrust, it becomes an enormous reason for a woman not to have a deep orgasm during sexual activity. It entails not fully understanding what turns on and makes women go nuts during sex.

3. Stress & Anxiety Pills:

Many women have stress and anxiety pills to overcome their depression, but sometimes, the overdoses of these harmful drugs lead to poor to no-to orgasms. Make sure to let your doctor knows if such medications are showing adverse effects on your health. Also, mood swing is one factor that affects an orgasm in women.

If possible, practice meditation; it’s the best way to calm the overthinking mind. Soon, you will be a much happier and cherished person. In short, you will experience an intensive orgasm during sexual activity.

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4. Feeling bad about yourself:

Some women can’t experience orgasms because they live in doubt. For example: what if I won’t be able to satisfy my partner or what if he doesn’t like my move, and so on. Thoughts like this make a woman push back from involving in any sexual activity; it also affects their mental health.

According to Psychology Today, having a “critical inner voice” can interrupt your natural progression for sexual excitements- and thus your orgasm. We know it’s going to be tough. But, you really need to stop criticizing yourself, instead focus on positive thoughts, and bring the lost love back into your relationship. Still, weird thoughts bother you at the time of intimacy; consult a therapist — and work on boosting yourself up.

5. Vaginal dryness:

Now, this is a medical issue. And it occurs because of the inability of a woman’s vagina to secrete fluids, which help to facilitate sexual activities. If a woman has such an issue, it’s better to consult a doctor.

6. Holding things up:

Why do we women have this amazing tendency to hold things? I hope there should be a technology that takes out all the garbage from our head and trash it. As per 2017, the Journal of Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology stated the key to every relationship is based on understanding. Both the partners must be on the same page, dealing with mental factors and supporting each other, having real communication about orgasm importance, sexual desire, sexual self-esteem.

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7. Perception of sex as evil:

Many people in society have groomed themselves into accepting that anything that has to do with sexual activity is a sin. It shouldn’t be spoken about or engaged in while neglecting the fact that marriage is a union, and for procreation of life, there needs to be intercourse.

A woman having the mindset and growing with it into a relationship and visualizing this in her thoughts during sexual activities might prevent her from looking up to and surrounding the world of pleasures of love and prevent her from having an orgasm.

8. Unwanted loss of control:

Many women don’t like the sensation of getting controlled during sexual activities. It gives them a negative feeling. Always remember, sex should be pleasurable, and a good orgasm is mandatory because a good orgasm is something that sends thousands of signals within a body and shakes the mind outrightly into another world of pleasure.

9. Your Power Cup of Coffee!

We know it’s hard, but you may need to reduce the intake of your coffee. The more caffeine you will consume, the more likely you will struggle to orgasm.

We understand that sometimes the work pressure makes us have more than our usual number of cups of caffeine, at the same time, stress and anxiety jump over us, instead of panicking in such a situation, you may need to relax sufficiently to get into a groove, otherwise having an orgasm won’t be easy.

Therefore, cut down your coffee to only two a day instead of five, and see how amazingly you will perform on the bed.

Take note!

These are the following factors that affect an orgasm in women. You have to prioritize these factors and try to resolve them. And, soon, you will get to feel the utmost level of pleasure during sex.

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