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4 Top Healthy Diet Hacks for Your Family in 2022

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If your 2022 resolution is a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, then the new year ahead is already looking bright.

By making simple changes to the way you eat, you can discover increased immunity, more energy, and better overall health.

Also, since diet plays a large role in putting you at risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers, there is no better time than right now to resolve to change your family’s eating habits for the better.  

According to one study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), in the United States, poor diet is the leading cause of death and the third leading cause of mortality outside of disability-related illness.

So, if you’ve determined to make 2022 a year of enhanced health consciousness when planning your family’s meals, here are four healthy diet hacks you should definitely try. 

Resolve to Make Easy Substitutions

One challenge that dissuades many people from changing their diet is a level of discomfort in learning a lot of new recipes. However, there are healthy substitutions you can use to make the transition much smoother and less intimidating.

For example, you can replace ground pork or beef with turkey for a delicious, healthy taco and pasta nights.

Greek yogurt instead of sour cream reduces fat intake and offers probiotic benefits for your digestive system, while heart-healthy avocado provides creamy goodness that can easily replace mayonnaise or butter. 

Consider Seafood Options


With its increased omega-3 fatty acids, seafood is one of the tastiest hacks to ensure your family is eating a healthy, nutrient-packed diet.

In fact, The American Heart Association recommends at least two servings of seafood per week, especially fatty fish like salmon and bass. Also, large-scale shellfish like lobster and crab contain a high amount of omega-3, making them a healthy choice for your weekly meal planning and preparation. 

Crabmeat, in particular, is an affordable option with a mild taste that even the pickiest eaters will likely appreciate.

Added to that, one cup of cooked crab meat contains 97 calories, 21 grams of protein, and less than 1 gram of fat — all while having lower levels of mercury than more expensive fish like marlin, swordfish, grouper, and tuna. It’s also easy to find great dinner recipes that incorporate crab, as well as fun ways to make crab legs a delightful dish for entertaining, family game nights, and more. 

Shop Online for Affordable, Fresh Delivery

Real foods

If the idea of health-conscious shopping is intimidating, both for you and for your budget, there’s an easy hack for getting healthy, delicious food delivered straight to your door for a fraction of the cost you’d pay for eating out. From crab meat and frozen seafood delivery to fresh vegetables and organic produce, a digital shopping list could help you save money, time, and the stress of dealing with crowded grocery stores. 

By shopping online for your grocery list, you’ll be able to put more time and thought into what you are buying and the quantity you need based on your family’s size. This is especially important for households looking to minimize food waste and maximize the nutritional benefit of their diet choices.   

Be Adventurous

Finally, let 2022 be the year that you’re willing to be adventurous in your food choices, including trying new foods that you’ve previously ignored in your diet. You never know when you’ll discover your next favorite dish that is both healthy and delicious.

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