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How To Make A Guy Wants You Sexually

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Despite what the pop culture shows, men are not always horny. Even not ready to jump on the bed to crack your bones on the snap of your fingers.

Men, too, need to be seduced to get into the mood. Most of the time, you might be clear with your thoughts or needs and are transparent about what you’re craving in bed.

Often, your guy may find it difficult to arouse because they are yet to explore your territory keenly. 

How to make a guy want you sexually?

Luckily, there are ways to make your guy want you sexually. Include these into your sexual routine in the least awk way possible.

1. You can make the first move:

There’s nothing wrong when a woman makes the first move. Basically, it sounds incredible when the woman shows the bravery and let the guy know her true feelings about him. You don’t need to wait for long hours and asking for help from friends. Be the first one; show him that you want him and see what happens. 

2. Show off your personality: 

Girl, you have a shining persona; you have everything he needs. All you want to do is present yourself attractively. Dress up nicely, wear the perfect makeup, get your eyebrows done, and see him craving for you. You don’t need to have big breasts and shape up the ass, be who you are. Be talkative, pleasant, comfortable, and friendly; make the guy fall for a sincere heart. 

3. Be a little teaser: 

It’s an ancient saying – Men are dogs, they like to chase. So, be the ball of the guy who you want to go crazy for you. You just can’t sit in one place, thinking that he would come to talk. Wake up from your dreamy land; he is there, right there, sitting at the table. Tease him sexually, chase him like you’re playing a game, and win over his ego *gently, of course*.

4. Stare at him:

We know you have gorgeous eyes, so how about sexually flirting with them? Eye contact is massive, thus let your eyes communicate the erotic thoughts for you. Make intense eye contact, be flirtatious with your eyes. Hold the connection for a little longer than usual, and wait for the mysterious happenings. 

5. Show a little skin:

Well, whosoever has said – less is right, then we agree with that. Sometimes, showing less skin can be more sexually arousing for men because they get a chance to build up an imagination concerning you with sexual thoughts. Ooh, la!! 

6. Let him know you have options:

Never let him know that he’s the only guy you have for whom you are doing such nitty-gritty things to please. If he comes to know about this, he will never be going to give you the utmost importance; you’re looking for. Make him realize that they are other hot guys waiting for you, and yes, there’s a competition to get you. Don’t be so easy for any guy. Always have a positive attitude. 

7. Seduce him with the food:

Chocolates are very rich in endorphins. The hormone releases a pleasant high feeling and speeds up the pulse. Eating dark chocolates and foods like bananas, which are considered as the best aphrodisiacs, turn on the guy sexually. Consider having melted chocolate grated with fresh fruits and garnished with thick-cream are worth enough to make a guy wants to have you sexually. 

8. Don’t touch much while talking:

You wish to make him want you sexually, so be a little patient and calm while talking to him. You just don’t have to throw yourself on him. A too much touch can be a huge turn-off. When you’re talking to him or when he’s making a joke, don’t be afraid to touch him. You can lightly touch his arm and shoulder. Mix the physical contact with flirting, and you have a deadly combination.

9. Appreciate him:

Men love to be appreciated for their excellent sense and character. If he’s showing respect and gratitude towards you, thank him with a sweet compliment. Doing this will give him a real chance to notice your goodwill, and the possibilities are he might get sexually attracted too. 

At last!

Well, it’s not impossible to understand how to make him want you sexually. All you need to do is, master the right moves to catch your guy’s attention. Keep the guide handy & be ready when the next time you see him.

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