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Managing Weight: 5 Healthy Tips To Get Over Binge Eating

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Are you experiencing episodes of eating huge amounts of food? Are you fond of eating even though you’re still not hungry? If you’re not aware yet, you’re experiencing binge eating. 

Binge eating is an eating behavior or disorder where a person consumes a large amount of food in a specific period. It causes your body to become uncomfortably full, leading to bloating and significant weight changes. Failing to monitor it properly can lead to severe health-related risks that can affect one’s overall health. 

However, changing the overall lifestyle can still treat this eating behavior. If you want to know some tips on overcoming binge eating, below are some examples.

Take Prescribed Medications

If you think your binge eating habit is out of control, going for recommended medications like Vyvanse is probably the best option. Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate, or Vyvanse, is a day-to-day stimulant medication primarily used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at six years old and older.

Furthermore, it is approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration, making it the first official medication for binge eating disorders. Like other stimulants, it helps improve the brain’s cognitive function, like eating only when you’re hungry and controlling impulsive behaviors that lead to binging.

Lastly, apart from its benefits in solving binge eating, it also comes with common side effects that most individuals tolerate, such as decreased appetite and dry mouth. You can try to find these stimulants in your nearby drugstore or order online and find available discounts for vyvanse ADHD and other meds.

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Planning Meals

Another healthy tip to overcome binge eating is to plan your everyday meals. This method gives you better control of your food intake and promotes healthy consumption. 

In addition, whenever you feel a craving for food during your triggers, you can limit yourself by setting what food to eat beforehand to keep yourself healthy. You can also create your food journal to monitor your meals. It lets you know how much you’ve eaten and use it to reflect on yourself. 

Furthermore, if you’re following a strict diet, it’s best to stop doing it for a while. Instead, Binging sometimes happens in response to extreme hunger, especially in people following a diet with low protein. Moreover, according to studies, following a high protein diet can bring binging tendencies to a minimum as this diet helps you to keep yourself full and satisfied until the next planned meal.

Strict diets are helpful when you are aiming for weight loss. However, it can be stressful and problematic. As you deprive yourself of food, it can also become the cause of your binging problem. 

Keep Yourself Busy

Binge eating triggers mostly happen out of boredom, which means that when a person feels jaded, they will grab some snacks to compromise their boredom. In addition, this can also refer to emotional eating, where a person would feel stress, anxiety, and boredom every time.

If you’re wondering why boredom triggers binge eating, it is because when you’re bored, the brain becomes unprovocative, leading to a massive drop in dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for important bodily functions such as feelings of reward and pleasure. Thus, whenever it becomes low, it triggers an action to renew it through eating. 

There are many ways to keep yourself busy. For example, you can play games with your friends, take a walk, paint, garden, or even learn to play instruments instead of eating a large amount of food.

Sleeping Properly

Sleep is essential to anyone’s well-being; this is when you can rest and recharge your body. Especially when it comes to binge eating, getting the right sleep can help you overcome this problem. 

Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night can help your body become active. A healthy sleeping pattern improves your mindset and helps you control your appetite. In addition, it prevents you from feeling tired and weak as it can lead to craving foods high in sugar. 

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Exercise Regularly

Exercise can help you in multiple ways. First, it can strengthen your body and improve your mental health. It boosts and improves your energy levels, which can help relieve stress and avoid binge eating. You can do simple workouts in your home, like lunges and push-ups. In addition, you can also go outdoors and go hiking, biking, and do outdoor yoga.

If you’re looking for an exercise that focuses on aerobics and burns more calories, you can always go for cardio kickboxing. This kind of exercise is similar to the martial art kickboxing itself. 

However, even though it follows the structure of the martial arts itself, it doesn’t include fighting but is purely for fitness only. It focuses on cardio, allowing you to do pad work, core strengthening, and footwork exercises, making it the best workout.


Binge eating is a very alarming disorder. It can affect your overall health, including bloating, weight gain, and sleeping problems. In addition, it also puts your body at risk for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, organ diseases, and fertility problems for women.

Although this is treatable, you must take it seriously as it is life-threatening. So, if you still have bad eating habits, it’s time to change and live a healthier life.

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