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7 Easy YouTube Workout Videos for Beginners

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Getting into a new fitness regime is not an easy thing to do. It requires motivation, inner strength, and dedication. So if you’re starting to work out, you must begin with something challenging but not challenging enough to make you lose your motivation. 

This article will feature some easy beginner-friendly workouts that will keep you going and thriving.

This is a curated list of fat burn, HIIT, and dance workouts, so you can select what works for you best.

 Chloe- Ting’s 10-Minute Fat Burn Workout

This is a great workout to do if you’ve never done one before. The only intensive exercise in this is burpees, for 20 and then 30 seconds(with gaps, of course). The rest of the exercises are beginner-friendly but will make you break a sweat. Chloe also divides the workout into three sets, giving you a rest time before she starts the next one.

Emi Wong’s- 30 Minute Full Fat Burn Body HIIT workout – No Jumping

Even though this is HIIT, it involves no jumping and can quietly be done in an apartment. It’s intensive and will make sure your whole body has been worked, but it won’t leave you out of breath. Like Chloe, she also includes rest times in between so you can catch your breath.

20 Minute- Fat Burning Workout for Total Beginners by Madfit

This workout involves no equipment and is ideal if you have worked out before and are returning to it after a long time. This workout is filled with rests/marches in between so that your heart rate can slow down at a normal pace. In addition, she provides detailed instructions on each exercise so you’ll know exactly how to do everything, even if you’re new to exercising.

 15 Min- Happy Dance Workout by Pamela Reif

This workout is light-hearted and challenges you in a fun way. You can burn calories while dancing through this workout and enjoying it. She uses pop and dance music; after you’ve completed the workout, you’ll be satisfied and feel happy.

Dance #LikeNina – A dance workout by Reebok

This 40-minute dance workout teaches you a dance routine slowly, step by step, with amazing music and Nina Dobrev participating with you. It’s freeing and will make you break a sweat while enjoying yourself – you won’t know where the 40 minutes have passed.

15 Min Full Body Workout – No Jumping, Beginner Friendly

This workout video has high-impact as well as low-impact alternatives, so you can decide which one you feel like doing in the middle of the workout. It also has no jumping exercises, so you can complete your workout without feeling out of breath.

Good Morning 10 Minute Beginner Friendly Workout by MonikaFit

This workout will pump your body but in very smooth, feel-good exercises. Beginner-friendly and easy, you can do this workout in the morning in your pajamas.

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