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9 Rising Health Concerns Facing the General Population

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Different diseases threaten the well-being of Americans today despite the United States offering quality health services to citizens.

In 2018, more than one-half of the people in the country were suffering from at least one chronic ailment. Even before the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, the general population was dealing with different pandemics, such as obesity, a worldwide pandemic threatening the health of over a billion human beings. 

Knowing about these rising health concerns has become important not just for healthcare practitioners but for the general population as well. It is crucial to watch out for these swiftly-spreading diseases and enhance your knowledge of avoiding them:

Several diseases facing people today

So, what has caused Americans to suffer from several chronic diseases? Many factors are responsible for the nation’s declining well-being, such as immobility, processed food, and substance dependence. An alarming one-third of Americans eat junk food daily and spend 9+ hours on average merely sitting. The combined effect of several factors has caused the general population to become vulnerable to different health-related calamities. 

People should regularly visit their doctors for a medical evaluation and switch to a healthier lifestyle to boost their well-being. 

Here’s a list we have prepared of the rising health concerns facing the general population:

1. Cancerous diseases

Let’s begin with cancer, one of the most feared ailments in the world. Unfortunately, it’s also becoming a widespread calamity as around 40% of people are expected to develop it during their lifetimes. Different carcinogens are common around us, such as radon, alcohol, tobacco, asbestos, and sunlight, causing a rise in cancer among people. Currently, there is no cure, but treatments are available to tackle it during the early stages.  

Healthcare experts are diligently researching cancer to eliminate it once and for all. Doctors, nurses, environmentalists, and dietitians are working tirelessly to research and eradicate cancer. Research is pivotal to every healthcare domain, whether discovering new medicines or eradicating a disease.

Even online degrees for healthcare professionals emphasize the cruciality of research. For instance, family nurse practitioners pursuing MSN FNP online programs to secure higher positions are taught how to sharpen their research capabilities alongside other skills. This way, they can better understand new developments in oncology and offer insightful information on carcinogens affecting older adults. 

2. Smoking

Today, tobacco has become a widely abused substance among people. As per stats, 13 out of 100 adults aged 18+ in 2020 smoked cigarettes. When it becomes an addiction, experts label it “nicotine dependence,” and it’s extremely detrimental to one’s well-being. 

However, an individual can quit tobacco by undergoing rehab. Quitting it can make your lungs healthier and stop you from developing diseases such as cancer. Even vaping isn’t as healthy as advertised.

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3. HIV

Experts have been lamenting the rise of the “HIV/AIDS epidemic” since the last century. It’s believed that around 35,000 people are diagnosed with HIV each year. What’s sadder is that 13% of AIDS patients don’t even know they have this disease. 

Moreover, HIV was previously associated with several misconceptions and was taboo because of its prevalence in the LGBTQIA+ community. In 2022, HIV isn’t a taboo anymore. But it’s a serious health concern facing the general populace.

4. Accidents

Car accidents are considered the number-one cause of teen deaths in the United States. Statistics reveal that seven teenagers die in car accidents every day. What makes motor vehicle accidents common in the USA? Experts have blamed the following things for teenage fatalities in the country:

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving while drunk
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Not wearing seatbelts
  • Driving when it’s nighttime

5. Obesity

As mentioned above, obesity has been declared a national pandemic. It’s because over 40% of adults are suffering from it and those who are not obese are still overweight. 

What made Americans so unhealthy in the 21st century? The prevalence of junk food and sugary drinks can be held responsible for this calamity. Not controlling your weight makes you susceptible to other ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia. 

6. HAIs

How healthy are hospitals today, in your opinion? Surprisingly, many patients acquire diseases during their hospital stay. These health concerns are known as hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). It has been reported that 1 in 25 hospitalized individuals get HAIs daily, such as UTIs. 

Patients shouldn’t disregard the dangers of hospitalization and should be mindful of HAIs. Staying healthy can save you from these terrible HAIs.

7. Depression

We should not disregard mental health as it was already a serious health concern in America before the pandemic. Today, one-fifth of Americans are suffering from mental health problems. One of these problems involves depression, while other widespread ones include stress and anxiety. 

But mental health patients can overcome these ailments by seeking therapy and counseling. It is worthwhile to see a doctor and adopt healthy habits. Socialize with friends and look for the symptoms of mental problems.

8. Heart Diseases

A failing heart has become the leading cause of death worldwide. It’s estimated that a person dies from cardiovascular ailments every 34 seconds in the United States. People normally describe a few conditions collectively as “heart disease.” Though many of them are preventable, replacing a few harmful habits can strengthen a person’s heart. But why have we mentioned this leading cause of death at the very end? Most of the things mentioned above – obesity, inactivity, and smoking – lead to a weaker heart among patients. 

So, change your habits and switch to a better lifestyle. That’s how you can improve your cardiovascular health and live a prosperous life.

9. Malnutrition

Contrary to what’s popularly believed, malnutrition doesn’t just affect Third World country children but has also become a problem for the youth in America. Millions of children are suffering from food insecurity and living in food-insecure households. However, agencies such as CDC are working to improve the well-being of school-going kids. Children must adopt healthy eating habits and avoid junk food since it leads to childhood obesity. On the contrary, nutrition-rich meals help minors become healthy adults.


We’ve established how certain rising public health concerns have become widespread among Americans today. From climate change to heart diseases – this article discusses some of the major health issues you should watch out for in 2023. Climate change, for instance, causes pollution and natural disasters.

These problems affect the well-being of millions of people in the country. Moreover, tobacco and alcohol have become grave issues for average Americans. Obesity has taken the shape of a pandemic, and HAIs impact the well-being of patients in hospitals. One shouldn’t forget about people’s mental health because it seems worse after the pandemic. All these health concerns need medical experts’ utmost attention.

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