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Why Power Dressing is Important at Workplace For Women

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The era of the 1970s pioneered what’s known today as power dressing, a highly impactful style of clothing that equips women to take up challenging roles with much authority & confidence. With most of the industries dominated by men, trends like these empower women to achieve more!

What is Power Dressing?

This fashion trend has been eternal since then and has been worn by many popular women in the history of politics, business, and even research.

Today, it is a way to communicate one’s sincerity and dedication towards a purpose they care about.

With rising trends in the ‘power dressing’ realm, many brands are stepping in to give more options on what to wear while being well within your budget (breaking the notion that power dressing is supposed to be expensive). This blog explores aspects of the trend and helps you decide “what do I wear to work tomorrow?” better! 

So why is power dressing important? And what’s the power in it? 

How you dress up incredibly influences the way people perceive you. Be it an interview, a small talk at a café, or an important business presentation, the first look is everything, and there are no retakes for that. In such scenarios, your appearance is the first point of communication.

Why Power Dressing is Important at Workplace For Women

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A well-dressed person is often perceived to be dedicated, sincere, motivated, and driven towards their role & people are more likely to notice and appreciate their presence. 

Additionally, you are not just dressing up for work; you are putting on an attire to do justice to your role at the organization. Aside from that, it also signifies your relationship with your sense of well-being. And that’s the power in it!

What are the benefits of power dressing? Here are the top 5 powerful pointers for the same!

  • It leaves a lasting and impactful impression on people.
  • Adds to your confidence and pumps you up to perform your tasks and daily activities better.
  • Keeps you productive because such attires are not only comfortable but also add a sense of responsibility.
  • Helps in blending in more easily with the right crowd (inspired, talking ideas, and ambitious!) and get noticed by the right people.
  • Helps in maintaining a character and creates room for easy transition between work mode (all dressed up) and relaxed mode (pajamas and sweatshirts!).

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How Can I Improve My Dressing?

Is your wardrobe full of clothes, and you are still asking yourself: “How do I dress better?”

Then the chances are high that you are not shopping strategically! Yes, strategic shopping is important so that you always have a pair of clothes ready for any occasion. 

Here’s how you can achieve this:

Why Power Dressing is Important at Workplace For Women
  • Decide what your style is and what you are most comfortable in. Are you a pants person or like the comfort of a skirt or convenience of a dress? Ask this to yourself and work up a planner accordingly.
  • Understand the significance of your position in the industry and recognize how others are carrying it.
  • Create your color palette. Too many color options can be confusing. Stick to a color palette and mix & match within it.
  • Recognize what accessories you need to match your attire with. Avoid heavy accessories and colorful, fancy pieces.
  • Invest in quality bags, and DON’T BUY DUPLICATES! You don’t need to have a wardrobe dedicated to bags; just a handful of bags that are versatile for multiple occasions will do the trick.
  • Makeup elevates your looks significantly. While being comfortable in your own skin is important, taking care of your skin will make you feel fresher and signify dedication towards self-care.
  • Footwear is important. You cannot be slaying in an uncomfortable pair of heels. While sneakers are comfortable, go for them. Also, invest in flats, wedges, block-heels, and ballerinas if you are not comfortable with pointed-heels. Use some moleskin and know some handy life hacks to save your feet from long hours of standing or sitting.
  • Invest in a good and skilled tailor. Loose-fitting clothes are comfy, but they look shabby and give a not-so-dressed-afterall impression. Always wear well-fitting clothes to work.
  • Layer based on the season. You cannot be wearing three layers of clothing when it’s blazing hot outside.

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7 Bonus Tips on How to Do it Right! 

  • Dress for the occasion, always
  • A good skincare routine/product goes a long way in making you look presentable
  • Wear layers & prefer not to show too much skin
  • Practice self-care & be well-groomed
  • Get well-fitting clothes
  • Decide on your color tones
  • Prepare your outfits a day in advance
  • Carry your confidence!  
Bottom Line

Understand that you are important, and the way you dress is going to add more value to your position. Always carry yourself with confidence. Invest in pieces you know you will be wearing tomorrow and avoid fast-fashion trends. Being true to oneself and their ambitions is important, and with the right dress, we know you can do it! 

Ready for the day? All the best! 

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