Career Options for Staying at Home Mothers

15 Top Career Options for Staying at Home Mothers

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Being a stay-at-home mother is not easy, especially if you need to work on top of that. Finding a career that enables you to work from home is not that simple. Also, looking for a career that you can handle while you watch your kids or you’re doing housework is not easy. The job you have has to fit in with your schedule. 

Here are a few career options that you can look into as a stay-at-home mom.


What it pays: Around $36 per hour or $75,602 per year.

Perfect for: Someone who is constantly setting up their friends, has a passion for forging love connections, and has excellent communication skills to comprehend the client’s goals and preferences fully.

What it is: You may connect with customers from the comfort of your living room with a bit of training, talking to them, and learning what they’re searching for in a relationship. Then you must look through a database for a perfect match and plan a memorable first date.

How to get it: Look for jobs on websites such as Indeed or apply directly through Tawkify.

Start a Baking Business 

If you are someone who likes to bake, you can start a baking business. What’s great about this is that you can get your kids to help you. And what’s more, is that your kids can taste test your baked goods. Desserts are required for holidays, graduations, birthdays, and even weddings, especially if you have a gift for decorating. 


What it pays: Around $15 per hour or $31,110 per year.

Perfect for: Typists who are quick and have excellent grammar and punctuation.

What it is: Create your timetable by looking through a database of potential audio files to transcribe and selecting the ones that work best for you based on the file’s difficulty rating and due date. With this employment, you’re entirely in charge of your schedule, able to type a few minutes of audio whenever you have spare time, whether you’re woken up in the middle of the night or have some downtime while supper cooks.

How to get it: Look for openings on job boards like Indeed or apply directly to services like Rev or TranscribeMe.

Start a Blog or a Vlog

While blogging isn’t as secure a financial bet as some of the other items on this list, creative folks can satisfy their itch while earning money through ads and e-commerce. If writing isn’t your thing or you’d like to try something different, start a YouTube channel dedicated to one of your other interests.


What it pays: Around $32/hour or $67,343 per year.

Perfect for: Someone who is multilingual and can converse and write in a variety of languages.

What it is: For remote clients, translate audio files or textual documents from one language to another. Assignments are advertised with a fixed charge, ranging from $15 to $1,000 depending on the number of languages required and the task’s difficulty.

How to get it: Look for individual opportunities on UpWork or career websites like Indeed.

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Sell Crafts 

Why not turn your passion for making into a business? You can benefit from your crafts by selling them on Etsy and other venues. You’d be astonished at how much people will pay for a homemade item. While doing what you enjoy, you can assist others in creating unique gifts and experiences. While there will be some initial fees, your earning potential is limitless.

Copy Editor or Proofreader 

What it pays: Around $32/hour or $67,566 per year.

Perfect for: They’re word nerds who understand the distinction between their and there. If you’re comfortable using a semicolon, this could be the job for you.

What it is: Examine texts for significant picture concerns like logical reasoning and whether all information needed to grasp a topic included, as well as minor details like sentence structure, word choice, and spelling. Individual jobs are a common way to start into this field, and you can build up a customer list that will return to you with regular work overtime.

How to get it: Examine career websites such as Linkedin and Indeed. 

Teach Online 

Teaching or tutoring online may be a good fit if you’re an educator or have a specific talent. Students can connect with teachers from all over the world through a variety of channels. As a result, time zones and asynchronous schedules allow you to disseminate your knowledge at your leisure – or during naptime. You can expect to make between $14 and $25 per hour in most cases. However, this range will vary depending on your previous experience.

Virtual Administrative Assistant 

What it pays: Around $18 per hour, or $38,187 per year.

Perfect for: Exceptionally well-organized, adept at planning travel, and skilled at juggling multiple schedules.

What it is: Assisting clients with appointments, travel arrangements, email responses, and a variety of other administrative activities. According to Kayla Lewis, a recruiter at Aston Carter, technology such as email, webinars, and online conferences have made working remotely in this capacity increasingly popular.

How to get it: Job postings can be found on online VA Team or Virtual Employee websites.

Data Entry 

The process of entering data is simple. However, many people are ready to pay someone else to complete this typically time-consuming chore. Many chances exist for those who are detail-oriented and eager to work with data. However, you must be cautious to avoid the numerous scammers. Nevertheless, it can be an excellent alternative if you want to make between $10 and $15 per hour. The Smart Crowd and Clickworker are two excellent resources for getting started.

Writer or Editor 

What it pays: Around $36 per hour, or $74,496 per year. Some businesses may even pay you per article.

Perfect for: Someone who is creative, has written before, and has access to the internet.

What it is: Companies and companies are always looking for individuals to create and edit content for them, and this position allows you to work from home.

How to get it: Look for freelance writing or editing opportunities on job sites like Indeed.

  • Pitch a publication you enjoy reading.
  • Visit services like Writers Work and iHirePublishing that connect freelancers with jobs.

Sell Your Stuff Online 

Because children grow so quickly, you might as well turn their old clothes into cash. So to get rid of some clutter and get some additional money, join up for sites like Poshmark, Mercari, ThredUp, and, of course, eBay.

Event Planner 

What it pays: Around $25 per hour or $53,924 per year.

Perfect for: Someone who considers their planner to be their bible. A person who is up to date with design, decoration, and dessert trends enjoys seeing a project through from beginning to end. And someone who can remain calm under pressure will have a backup plan if things go wrong on the day of a significant event.

What it is: Everything from bar mitzvahs to weddings to afternoon tea gatherings. Begin modestly by establishing relationships with local suppliers and reception areas. You can be the one who makes someone’s special day stress-free, and most of the work you can do remotely, though you’ll need to be present on the day of the event to ensure everything runs properly. You can participate in events that fit your schedule.

How to get it: Build your website with a photo gallery to highlight the types of events you’ve previously staged and start hosting smaller events for friends and family to gain experience and increase your website’s visibility. Request permission to post a flier in nearby businesses such as flower shops and bakeries to promote your services.

Social Media Manager 

Turn a thoughtless habit like scrolling through Instagram into an at-home company you can run with a newborn on board. Many small businesses and restaurants may benefit from their internet presence. Still, they cannot afford a full-time social media manager. Just make sure your online presence is up to par before offering your services to your favorite hangouts. As a social media manager, you might earn anywhere from $10 to $30 per hour. Take some time to educate yourself with a variety of social media networks as you get started.

Brand Ambassador 

What it pays: Around $17 per hour or $35,836 per year.

Perfect for: Someone having marketing skills, a sales or retail background, or enthusiasm for the brand’s offerings.

What it is: By selling items or services on social media, you collaborate with businesses to develop a client-based business. Typically, companies will assign you monthly personal goals to achieve. Your schedule will be flexible if you satisfy your objectives.

How to get it: Look for jobs on sites like Indeed or the brand’s career portal. For example, throughout the holidays, Bare Minerals offers seasonal skincare ambassadors.

There are many more career options out there for stay-at-home mothers. Be sure to choose the career option that best suits your needs. Also, keep in mind that your career can be something that you are passionate about. That way, it won’t feel like work at all.