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5 Tips to Succeed as a Fashion Stylist

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Being a fashion stylist is a rewarding career because you get paid to create human art. As a fashion stylist, you get to use the human body as your canvas, and you’re able to dress individuals from different walks of life. This career also allows you to work in a laid-back setting, meet different people every day, and earn an above-average salary.

But because the fashion industry has become competitive over the years, your love for fashion and art isn’t enough for you to make a name as a stylist. If you want to become one of the most successful fashion stylists, you need to follow these tips:

1. Stay Up to Date

The fashion industry is fast-paced — the pieces celebrities loved a few years back aren’t the same pieces they want to wear today. Remember, new fashion trends are always introduced every day.

One tip to follow if you want to succeed as a fashion stylist is to stay up to date with fashion trends. This usually means watching countless fashion shows, reading fashion magazines, and following fashion blogs. You can also take inspiration from elements around you, so you’ll stay on top of the curve.

2. Learn about Fabrics and Garment


Being a fashion stylist isn’t solely about dressing up individuals — you also have to consider the materials used to ensure their comfort and mobility. How can you gain clients if they can’t move after you styled them?

Learning about fabrics and garments can help you become a successful fashion stylist. Being equipped with this information will enable you to recommend fabrics and garments based on the lifestyle and budget of your clients.

There are many ways to learn about fabrics and garments. Aside from using the World Wide Web, you can also visit department stores and high-end boutiques to compare different clothing pieces. Make sure to turn these garments inside out to assess the construction and quality.

3. Develop Strong Networking Skills

Even if you have in-depth knowledge of fashion and garments, if you lack the confidence to talk to other people, you won’t have any clients. This will prevent you from showcasing your skills and becoming the best fashion stylist.

Developing your networking skills is a must if you want to become a successful fashion stylist. For starters, you should learn how to contact celebrity stylists and convince them that you’re someone worth hiring. You should also be able to strike conversations in social events with people you never met in the past.

To develop your network skills, start by improving your communication habits. When you’re confident to talk, you won’t have any problems networking with other people!

4. Use Social Media as a Tool

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With the advent of technology, being a successful fashion stylist can come off easier. As long as used properly and regularly, social media can become an effective tool for aspiring fashion stylists like you.

Another way to succeed as a fashion stylist is to use social media to your advantage. Follow some of the world’s best fashion stylists, so you’ll know what they’re working on. Are they designing clothes for their next fashion show or dressing up celebrities with newer fabrics? Social media can provide answers to this question and more.

You can also use social media to create your unique style and suggest multiple looks in a shoestring budget. These are excellent ways to show off your prowess and attract clients at the same time.

5. Figure Out Your Lane

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Fashion styling is a broad term that can mean different things. And while it’s possible to cater to all of these categories, as a neophyte, it’s best to figure out your lane early so you can focus more on enhancing your skills appropriate for that specific category.

Depending on your preferences, you can work as a celebrity stylist and dress individuals on their red carpet getup, personal style, and public appearances. You can also work as an editorial stylist and partner with photographers and magazines to produce fashion stories.

Learn more about the different categories under a fashion stylist and decide which one appeals the most to you. In this way, you’ll have a better idea of what career path to pursue and be able to focus on one niche at a time.

It Can Be Done

The journey towards becoming a successful fashion stylist isn’t an easy feat. You need to exert a lot of time and effort to stand out from the competition and make it big in the ever-competitive world of fashion.

Being a successful fashion stylist is challenging, but it’s possible. Allowing for your love for fashion and the arts, following all the tips mentioned here can surely help catapult your career as a fashion stylist!

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