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How Do You Take Your Coffee: a Guide to the Different Types of Coffee Drinks and How to Make Them

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There is no better indulgence in this world than that first sip of morning coffee. For many people, a cup of coffee is the only way to start the day. And there are so many ways to enjoy a cup of Joe. The best part is that there is no right or wrong way to drink coffee. 

From black coffee to the fancy stuff you’d spend $7 on at your favorite coffee shop, coffee is one of the most versatile drinks on the planet. So, how do you recreate some of the most popular coffee drinks? 

There’s no need to go to barista school if you know what you’re seeking out of your coffee. Still, we’ve got you covered. 

Where to start

A warm, rich cup of coffee starts with the grounds. Mystic Monk Coffee makes some of the richest and most flavorful coffee mixes in the world. You should find an option that suits your taste, buy a few packages of high-quality coffee beans or grounds, and you’ll be in coffee heaven in no time. 

What’s your goal? 

What Does Coffee Do To Your body

If you need the morning dose of caffeine, then you’ll need to learn how to make coffee for maximum caffeine output. Investing in a quality coffee machine is imperative if the flavor is your goal. Single-serve machines are a great bet if you want a warm cup to be ready quickly in the morning. 

What kind of coffee do you like? 

Some people swear by black coffee with no sugar and no creamer. On the other hand, you have people who think the best cup of coffee tastes nothing like coffee because of all the additional sweeteners. The flavor all boils down to personal preference, so obviously, you’ll want to invest in the equipment and coffee beans tailored to your tastes.

How do you feel about creamers? 

Creamer gives your cup a velvety flavor and a heft that can fill your stomach and make your coffee easier to drink. While some folks swear by half-and-half, milk, or even heavy cream, others may drift to the flavored creamers that add an extra shot of flavor to your coffee cup. With these options, you can even drink a cup of coffee that tastes like the milk leftover from a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. The choices are infinite. 

Are you a coffee snob?

Types of Coffee Drinkers

Coffee nowadays is more about the experience versus the caffeine intake in some cases. Forget the Mr. Coffee machine at your office – there are cappuccino makers and pour-overs that can turn your morning cup into full-on indulgence. Take the time to experiment and create a coffee experience far beyond warming up the Keurig. 

To wrap up

If you need to wake up every sense in your body, a cup of coffee is just what the doctor ordered. Coffee might be a stimulant with all its caffeinated qualities, but there’s just no substitute for the warmth and richness of flavor that a well-made cup of coffee provides.

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