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Top 5 Fashion Trends of 2022

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With the weather becoming more extreme during each season, and people still not sure how to dress when they are spending more time at home or gathering outdoors, finding fashionable outfits can be a challenge.

Not everyone has the time to keep up with the latest essential fashion right before they go shopping.

Below is a guide that talks about the latest trends that are emerging around the world, and how they may impact the clothes you choose to wear over the next 12 months.

1. Sweats are Back


Sweats are very fashionable in 2022, with people choosing to wear fleece-lined joggers and elevated soft pants when they are running errands or planning a casual outing with friends.

One of the great aspects of this fashion trend is that you can make it your own. Whether you like knitted flares and flowy bottoms or you want to go with a more serious color such as black, you can get a couple of comfortable bottoms to rotate with your tops.

Keep in mind that even though joggers and sweats are fashionable in 2022, you should not be wearing them to work or a formal event. Your friends may think you look incredible in sweats, but your boss may not share that opinion!

2. Voluminous Silhouette


One of the more interesting fashion trends of 2022 is the emergence of the voluminous silhouette. People are having a lot of fun with this trend, as they can wear oversized shirts and dress tops to their heart’s content.

If you are wearing soft pants or jeans, you can spice up your look and keep it stylish with a larger silhouette. The advantage of such a top is that you can make it as serious or as fun as you want, depending on the style, color, and pattern you choose for your top.

3. Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes

If you are tired of wearing micro-heels or larger heels, you can finally give your feet a break. Platform shoes are the trendy footwear of 2022 so far. Whether you enjoy boots that go up to your knees, or you prefer ankle boots, you can have a lot of fun with these shoes as part of your overall aesthetic.

A great aspect of platform shoes is that you can help yourself to look a little taller, while you also make your entire outfit appear more put together, stylish and occasion-appropriate. Even if you are rocking a simple top and your best jeans, wearing platform shoes can make it look as though you made the effort to dress up for an occasion.

There is the added benefit of being able to walk many miles without your feet hurting!

4. Low-Rise Pants

Low-Rise Pants

The trend of women wearing high-rise pants has been there for several years, with pants that go up to the belly button the norm for most people. Now, low-rise pants have come back into fashion, which can be worn significantly below the belly button on your stomach area.

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The great aspect of this style is that you can make use of your crop tops to reveal some skin, feel comfortable, and look incredible during days of warmer weather. You can even make the outfit work in winter, as you can layer with a sweater and/or overcoat, and then have a crop top or regular top on underneath.

5. Bra Tops

Bra Tops

Those who are confident in their appearance and do not mind showing a bit of skin will love this trend. Bra tops are very much in, especially if you are younger. Who needs real shirts when you can make a bold statement during a night out with a bra top, or when lounging around the house feeling relaxed.

Bra tops are great paired with two of the styles discussed above, the sweats and low-rise pants.

Find Your Fashion Balance

When you are assessing what clothes to buy, you must find the ideal balance between comfort, appropriateness, and stylishness. Clothes that you can wear all day, will last you a long time, look stylish, and are situation-appropriate, are all winners.

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By reading the five fashion trends that are exploding in 2022, you can get a better sense of what clothes and accessories are in or out this year. Then you can go about arranging your wardrobe, and deciding what pieces you need to pick up the next time you go shopping.

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