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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Jeans

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Despite the huge variety of models, sometimes it is difficult to choose exactly your own, because, as with any decision, there are also some subtleties in choosing jeans.

Maison Vivienne, a Styling expert has put together the most common mistakes we make when shopping for jeans. 

1. We forget to check the type of cut


Even if you buy jeans in your size, especially when it comes to shopping online, pay attention to the type of fit. If you want to buy a regular or medium model, you can choose your size, and if you like low waists, remember that if you have even a little belly, the pants may not fit. 

Typically, a jeans label has two measurements: the inside seam length (L) and the waist circumference (W). Try to find the indication of the circumference of the hips (usually marked with the letter H), which in this case is much larger than the waist.

2. We do not pay attention to the position of the pockets

When shopping for jeans, remember that they should look pretty not only from the front but also from the back. Don’t buy a style with low pockets – your butt won’t look very pretty. In any case, the bottom line of the pocket should not be located below the point where the gluteal muscle ends.

Pockets that are too large visually increase the volume, and you will look bigger than you really are.

3. We buy jeans that are too wide at the waist


Jeans sometimes fit perfectly everywhere except at the waistline, so you can easily fit a few fingers between the waistband and back. You should not expect the belt to save you from this problem: because of this, it will bend, and the pants will not fit properly. In this case, the only solution is to look for another model.

Is it worth buying jeans that are a size smaller in the hope that they stretch? To find out whether or not jeans will loosen when worn, look at the fabric composition on the label: if they contain elastane, lycra, or spandex, a few hours after wearing, they will be less tight.

4. We forget the side seam


Another thing you should be careful of when shopping for jeans is the side seam. This is especially true for tight jeans: if the seam below the knee is bent, not only will it cause discomfort, but it will also visually deform the legs. As with the wide fit models, the seam, which won’t go strictly in the middle of the leg, will add extra volume to your hips.

5. We try on the clothes we are going to put together separately

The same jeans can look different in different outfits: for example, they fit the shirt perfectly, but they cannot be paired with a sweater.

Therefore, when you go to the changing rooms in the store, take the same clothes with you that you will wear the pants with.

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