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11 Common Fashion Mistakes That We All Make, But Won’t Agree

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We all have made fashion blunders, from buying tight pants to choosing the wrong shade of foundation, but it’s time to take note, ladies.

We all love to dress nice and look good but have you ever wondered that not wearing a certain outfit correctly will end up making you a fashion fool?

Though, it’s quite normal to make mistakes but not good to make blunders. To help you out, we have highlighted some of the most common mistakes that we make while styling. Let’s look at them below.

Buying Clothes That Doesn’t Match Your Size

Fashion Mistakes That We All Make

Buying either too small or too large clothing is the biggest blunder you can make. Your body figure will look distorted when you wear clothes that don’t fit your body. Therefore, it is important to buy clothes that fit your body and feel comfortable. 

Wearing too many accessories

woman jewellery

When you wear too many accessories, you might end up looking like a clown. Keep it simple and minimal. When you are choosy about wearing your fashion accessories – keep it basic and elegant – it will enhance your overall look.

Tip: If you’re wearing heavy earrings, don’t wear anything on your neck and vice versa. Focus on balance and proportion. 

Wearing uncomfortable footwear


Never compromise being comfortable with looking stylish just for the sake of fashion. Many women end up wearing high heels to look stylish and hurt their feet. If you love to wear heels, try going for shorter heels which are more comfortable than high heels yet look stylish. 

Not ironing your clothes

wrinkled clothes

If you don’t iron your clothes before wearing them, your outfit will look dull and lifeless. Shirts need more attention and proper iron. Make sure you iron your clothes before you wear them.

Natural Makeup over Bold Makeup

 Bold Makeup

Even on a simpler outfit, wearing too much makeup doesn’t resonate well. Keep your makeup natural, or go with the nude makeup look with minimal outfit styling.

Not wearing the right bra


Choosing the right undergarments under your clothing is essential. Know which type of bra should go well with your dressing style. If you’re wearing an off-shoulder dress, go for a strapless bra.

Choosing a hair color that doesn’t suit skin tone


If you have got a darker skin tone, don’t opt for darker hair color since it doesn’t go well with the darker skin tone. Try and then color your hair that suits your skin tone.

Unmatched lipstick Shade

red lipsticks

Darker shades look bold, but it’s not the right option for your go-to looks. Use natural lip color or nude color lipsticks for everyday looks. Keep darker lip colors for special occasions only.

Using lighter foundation


If you wear a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone, your face will end up looking cakey and uneven. When in doubt, always pick a shade that is slightly lighter than your complexion rather than darker.

Neon colored outfits

neon clothes

Neon hues or neon-colored outfits may be in trend for some time, but it doesn’t go well for your everyday looks.

Micro bags

No doubt micro bags are in trend, but the truth is to be considered that they are very impractical. It won’t carry even the smallest important piece of stuff, and there is no point in carrying it just for the sake of fashion trends. 

I hope you don’t make such fashion blunders while styling for any occasion or even day-to-day wear. Follow each and every basic fashion trick, and you will slay every look. Happy styling!

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