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5 Yoga Asanas To Boost Immunity


If you are a yoga lover, this is the most appropriate place that you can find on the web to know what yoga does to your body and immunity.

In the current scenario, we witness people have low immunity levels, slow metabolism, and other diseases that might prosper in the body due to heavy schedules. By the end of this article, you will get to know the benefits of yoga and the importance of practicing it daily.

Along with this, you will get to know about the best yoga asanas that you can practice to boost your immunity. Stay tuned to read the article till the end so that you can retrieve all the possible information. 

A brief overview of Yoga

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices and disciplines. The culture of yoga has originated from ancient India. People usually say that the diseases which cannot be cured by the advanced treatments of medical sciences can be cured by the practice of Yoga in routine.

Many people in India visit special centres to practice yoga, where they are trained and taught the best practices suited to their bodies and soothe their lives. Adding to this, there is no better place than yoga, as it provides you with mental peace. Also, yoga has no side effects on the personal health of an individual.

Why is Yoga beneficial?

Yoga has both physical and mental benefits. Suppose a person is suffering from a certain illness and is on the path of recovery. They should practice yoga daily, as it boosts up the recovery process. And the person gets back to his normal state in the least possible time.

In the below-mentioned points, you will find all the benefits that yoga puts on your body.

a. Contribution in mental stability and flexibility of the body

Yoga undoubtedly makes your body flexible enough to perform various things like gymnastics, various dance forms, etc. It also helps you maintain your mental stability so that you do not get anger issues resulting in anxiety, depression, and ego problems.

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b. A helping hand in balancing and strength of the body

Yoga helps to keep your body in a balanced manner and strengthens your arms and legs enough to assure you the physical strength. You can feel the change in your physical strength in a week only if you practice yoga on a daily basis.

c. Relief to the back pain

It has been tried and tested that yoga helps to relieve your back pain and other problems related to your spinal cord or hip bones. You can ask a yoga instructor about the various yoga postures that you can try if you want to get rid of your back pain.

d. Reduces the chances of arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that causes severe pain in joints, which sometimes becomes unbearable enough to handle. If you practice certain yoga postures, you can definitely reduce your chances of facing arthritis pain.

e. Practice yoga for a better sleep

As mentioned in the above content, yoga provides better mental peace and enables a person to think in a positive direction. If you practice yoga daily, you will never feel sleep deprived even after a hectic day of work.

f. Highly energetic mood 

Since yoga helps to control anger issues, it lightens up the mood and lets the individual enjoy his own company. A person who practices yoga is never found in a bad mood or with anger issues. 

g. Improvises your ability to take care of yourself

The people who practice yoga attend to take care of themselves more than the people who do not practice the same. Yoga has a direct connection with your internal organs, and it helps us to maintain their condition in our body.

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These are all the benefits of yoga that an individual can enjoy if they add up yoga to their daily routine. We have witnessed 2 types of people: one, those who do not practice yoga on a regular basis but do it whenever their body needs it; second, those who practice it on a daily basis. It is pretty obvious that yoga will be effective only if it is practiced on a regular basis.

Benefits of practicing yoga on a daily basis:
  • If you practice yoga, it will definitely make you feel good as it helps to enlighten your mood and enables you to adapt yourself according to your environment.
  • The flexibility of your body can only be increased if you practice yoga on a daily basis without any delay.
  • Yoga is known to boost up your strength, but only if you practice it at regular intervals so that it can have any impact on your organs.
  • Immunity lets us stand up and fight against diseases. Yoga is effective on immunity only if you practice it on a daily basis.
  • For students who go to school or colleges, yoga is effective in improving their concentration power so that they can boost up their learning speed and understanding ability.
  • Yoga also has a lot to do with our metabolism, as eating food and digesting it is also one of the important aspects of our body. 
  • We find people having anxiety issues. They can’t get rid of it until they practice yoga at regular intervals of time and keep their mind calm for at least 1 hour a day.

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What are the practices of yoga that will help you to boost your immunity?

In the below-mentioned point, you will find some yoga practices that will help you to boost up your immunity to fight against the fatal diseases that are spreading in the environment like a forest fire.

Shalabhasana- Locust Pose


Follow the below-mentioned steps if you want to practice Shalabhasana.

  • First, you need to lie flat on your stomach and stretch your arms out ahead.
  • Make sure that your knees are straight and your feet are joined together.
  • As you inhale, lift your legs up in the air and do the same with your arms.
  • Gradually lift up your head by raising up your chest off the floor as much as you can.
  • Hold this posture for 10 minutes and relieve slowly.

Anjaneyasana- Low lunge pose


Follow the below-mentioned steps if you want to practice Anjaneyasana.

  • Make sure that you begin the posture with Samasthiti.
  • Proceed with stepping back with your left leg.
  • Fold your right knee and extend the toes towards the outward direction.
  • Open your legs wide enough to align your right knee with the right ankle.
  • Now, push your pelvic region downwards and raise your arms overhead.
  • In the end, bend your upper body back and form an arch in such a way that it resembles the half-moon.

Bakasana- The crow pose


Follow the below-mentioned steps if you want to practice Bakasana.

  • You need to start with arms and legs and put your palms and knees on the ground.
  • Now you need to fold your elbows so that they are aligned with your shoulder and spread out your fingers.
  • Next, try to bring your knees to your triceps. 
  • Now slowly, lean toward the forward direction by shifting your body weight onto your triceps.
  • Then, slowly lift your feet from the ground and try to balance.
  • Focus on a point and hold the posture for 10 seconds.

Tadasana- Mountain Pose


Follow the below-mentioned steps if you want to practice Tadasana.

  • Fortunate to stand up on your feet together.
  • Keeping the back straight, bring your palms together so that you can interlock them.
  • Inhale the air and lift your arms up so that your palms are facing outwards.
  • Look towards the sky gently and drop your head back on your shoulders.
  • Try to hold a posture for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the same, two to three times. 

Krupa Chaturanga Dandasana- Four-Limbed Staff Pose on Elbows

Krupa Chaturanga Dandasana

Follow the below-mentioned steps if you want to practice. 

  • You need to start on your legs and ensure that your palms are under your shoulders and alongside your knees below your hips.
  • Try to lift your knees off the ground in such a manner that your pelvis aligns with your shoulders. It should look like a plank pose.
  • Gradually initiative to drop your elbows on your mat one by one.
  • Align your elbows also with your shoulders.
  • In the end, try to engage your core.

These are all the yoga postures that you can try if you want to practice yoga to boost up your immunity and make you strong from the inside.

The final takeaway

Yoga has always been a vital part of our lives if we practice it daily. It is also taught in the school so that the students get this habit of practicing yoga daily. On our website, you are definitely going to find more and more posts about Yoga so that you can practice that and be motivated to take out time to bring yoga into your daily routine gradually.

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