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Is Dating Your Best Friend A Good Idea?

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Are you thinking of dating your best friend, a person whom you know the most and who knows you the most? As soon as you get this thought, it ramifies to a few other thoughts, what if things don’t work out? Is it worth it? Will it ruin things… and so on.

Falling in love with your best guy friend or girlfriend can be unnerving, and you feel a whirlwind of emotions. The transition from a friend zone to the relationship zone is exhilarating but may not be fairytale-esque as it might sound.

Let’s check out some pros and cons of dating your best friend and even some useful tips while dating your best friend.

Pros of Dating Your Best Friend

  • You don’t need to bother what the other is thinking as you know him/her from deep inside.
  • You don’t have to act; you can just be yourself.
  • To fall back on, you already have a solid friendship.
  • Things will be more stress-free while dating your best friend.

Cons of Dating Your Best Friend

  • When you mess up things, there is a risk of losing both your best friend and your partner, sometimes forever.
  • In the beginning, physical intimacy with your best friend can be awkward.
  • He/she may know you a little too well, which is not good at times.
  • The relationship may be a little confusing because being best friends and being partners is very different.

5 Useful Tips While Dating Your Best Friend

Manage Your Expectations 

The decision has been made; you have signed up to start dating your best friend. Out of excitement, you start to anticipate and imagine things even before meeting them. Take a deep breath and have a reality check of your expectations. It is not all roses in the relationship, even with your best friend; misunderstandings, fights, and drama are a part of the package. So, always manage your expectations accordingly and treat this relationship like a normal one.

Don’t Rush Things 

You are just at the start of a relationship with your best friend; there is a possibility of rushing up things. Just feelings and chemistry aren’t enough; both of them need to develop an emotional connection and make your relationship stronger during the transition. Getting married or sleeping with your best friend on an impulse may not be the best idea or even can backfire. Rather than making giant strides, you need to take the relationship in a slow step-wise manner. 

Don’t End up Being Friends With Benefits.

Many a time, best friends with a rush of feelings and on a naturally high end up as sex buddies. Commitment should be a natural outcome of love but not as a result of guilt or chemistry. If you are not committed, put a red flag on your relationship. It is best to avoid getting physically intimate with your best friend unless you have real feelings for him/her. Just for the sake of sex, don’t get trapped in a phony relationship with your best friend.

Plan Romantic Dates

You are no longer just friends; you are a couple now. For any couple, romance is the key. Movie nights, hanging out with other friends is great, but you need to take your relationship a step further. It may be a cliche, but you need to start somewhere – plan a candlelight dinner, take a day trip, meet at a coffee shop; these things will help you bring closer to one another. Remember, couple romantic dates don’t always have to be about getting physical.

Be Honest

Being honest with your partner will form a solid base in a relationship. Your partner may know the real you, so try not to hide your true self from him/her. One of the perks you get while dating your best friend is, no matter how bad the situation is, you may still get a hug from the other end. Honesty will always strengthen your relationship and help you to take it to the next level. 

Getting into a relationship with your best friend can be tricky (exciting and scary at the same time); you should be aware and know how to navigate the shift.

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