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5 Benefits of Using Waterproof Putty

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Using complete home waterproofing solutions is the key to achieving a long-lasting paint job.

If you want a smooth finish to your walls and flawless paint, you first need to apply wall putty. More importantly, wall putty is one of the most effective waterproofing solutions. Waterproof paint isn’t enough to give your home long-lasting protection.

You need high-quality solutions, such as Berger waterproofing solutions with their Home Shield range, to keep your walls strong for years to come. So, whether it is new construction or a renovation project, make sure to include home waterproofing in the plan.

What is Waterproof Putty?

Waterproof Putty

Whether you need generic water-resisting solutions or specific ones, like that for bathroom waterproofing,  putty is the first step to sealing gaps, filling cracks, and smoothening out imperfections.

It essentially is white cement powder mixed with various additives and water to create a paste. It can be used for external or internal concrete and mortar substrates to provide a smooth and aesthetic finish. It also extends the life of waterproof paints.

For instance, Berger waterproof putty can be used on concrete, mortar, and plaster surfaces.

Professionals offering waterproofing solutions usually recommend two coats of putty for excellent water repellency, efflorescence resistance, and butter-like smoothness.

Types of Wall Putty

Waterproof Putty
  1. White cement putty: As mentioned earlier, this is made of white cement, with additives like polymers and minerals. It is effective for both external and internal use and offers superior binding, since it is cement-based.
  1. Acrylic putty: This is a water and acrylic-based solution, suitable for interior use only. Its binding properties are inferior to that of white cement putty.

Benefits of Using White Cement Waterproof Putty

Your home is a reflection of your dreams. This is why you choose only the best quality paints and the most appealing color combinations. But all this will be a waste if you don’t protect your walls against damage from water infiltration.

Water can seep into your roof, walls, and flooring due to leaks in water pipes, heavy rains, and time-based wear and tear. While waterproofing is an essential step in home construction, it should also be a part of any home renovation project.

Here are the key benefits that a good quality putty offers.

Waterproof Putty
  • Added Strength

Putty is known to enhance the tensile strength of the walls. Brick masonry, bonded together with mortar and grout creates a homogenous construction. This gives structural strength to the building but wall putty bolsters this strength.

  • Water Resistance

Strong winds, the harsh UV rays of the sun, heavy monsoons, extreme temperatures, etc., can lead to cracks and gaps occurring on the walls. This can then let water seep into the walls. Faulty plumbing can add to the problem of water seepage. Special care is also needed for areas that see heavy water use, such as bathrooms and kitchens, and for water-retaining structures, such as water tanks and swimming pools. Basements also tend to gather standing water if there are leaks or heavy rains.

Seal all gaps and cracks with a high-quality waterproof putty. Follow this up with a primer, such as Berger Seal-O-Prime, which acts as the perfect sealer and undercoat before you apply waterproof paint. It is the only product in India formulated with a triple booster mechanism to protect against dampness, efflorescence, and alkalinity.

  • Efflorescence Resistance

Have you ever noticed a white, crystal-like substance on the walls that looks very similar to salt? This is a result of prolonged dampness in the walls. When the moisture dries, it leaves behind this efflorescence. Not only does it make the walls look ugly and unhealthy, but it is also a sure sign of a deeper problem of water seepage. Once the seepage issue is addressed, such as fixing any broken pipes, Berger Dampstop should be applied. This is a high-performance polymer-modified, cement-based coating, formulated with unique Crystalline technology to create a strong yet flexible coating over the substrate to prevent water infiltration.

This should be followed by Berger Waterproof Putty for added resistance to water and efflorescence. 

  • Enhances the Finish

With a smooth coating of putty, your walls get a flawless surface for paint application. Since wall putty isn’t easily damaged and does not flake, it gives the perfect base to ensure that paints look their shiniest best. All imperfections, however minute, are effectively hidden, so what you see is seamless walls. 

  • Improves the Durability of Paint

Moisture in the walls can lead to dark patches, paint peeling, bubbling, and even mould growth. Simply repainting your walls is like putting a band-aid on a fracture. The new paint will soon start peeling too unless you take care of the water infiltration problem. Waterproof putty prevents such water infiltration, protecting your walls, the health of your family, and the paint. Your walls will look newly painted for a long time to come with high-quality putty.

So, go ahead and book a free consultation with Berger waterproofing experts and give your walls a new lease on life with their Home Shield waterproofing solutions.

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