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3 Things You Can Do Together At Home to Combat Boredom

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We are all spending a little more time at home these days. Following the lifting of lockdown and the steady easing of coronavirus restrictions, many of our freedoms are returning, but many people remain anxious, not yet ready to throw open the doors and jump back into the deep end of socializing.

That could be hard on your relationships, especially if one half of a couple wants to make up for lost time and get back to everyday “normal” activities while the other remains wary.

There are plenty of things couples can do together that will help tackle boredom, bridge the gap between being stuck indoors and facing large crowds again while sharing interests you both enjoy.

That could be anything from watching movies, having virtual drinks nights with friends and family, or even watching your favorite sports teams together and adding the excitement of a bet.

Combine your knowledge and passion for sports to land winning NBA bets or even gambling on the reality TV show everyone is talking about.

Remaining indoors while the threat of COVID-19 remains real isn’t anything to be ashamed of, and it doesn’t mean you have to be cut off from your loved ones or even what’s going on outside.

It certainly doesn’t need to be a relationship wrecker. You need just three simple things to make it work – a patient and understanding partner, a smartphone or home computer, and the ideas listed in this article.

Gaming nights

You don’t both have to be dedicated gamers to enjoy a gaming night on your favorite consoles, such as Playstation or Xbox. Playing games online alone is gripping but have you tried it as a couple.

Working together can be exciting as you battle as a team, solve puzzles together, discuss tactics and drive for glory. Games come in many different styles, so there will be something to suit you both. 

Get comfy together, dim the lights and go on a gaming adventure. In what seems like no time, you’ll be bonding, remembering what attracts you to each other, discovering new habits, and eating junk food. Be careful to keep an eye on the clock because, as any gamer knows, the minutes fly by when you are engrossed in a game.

Supporting your team

Sports are back, and the stadiums are open, but you don’t have to join the capacity crowd at the big venues to be part of it all. You can watch basketball and other professional sports on television or use live streams at major sportsbooks. If you share a mutual love for a team, that’s great.

Even if you find yourselves on opposite sides of the divide, it can create an enjoyable, friendly rivalry, making the match even more interesting.

Spice up your viewing with a bet on the action with a legal and licensed sportsbook. You can pick the team you both think will win and place a wager or play one of the specials. There’s plenty to choose from, including handicap, total points, half time/full time, and more. Cheer the victory for your team and the profits making their way to your betting balance.

Binge-watching movies

This is a popular pastime with couples with children. It was for years before the pandemic and will be around for a long time after COVID has gone.

If you have young kids, you’ll know you’ve been in lockdown at weekends for years and binge-watching movies or boxsets drinking wine is about as interesting as it gets. It’s certainly as close to a night out you’ll get until the children are old enough to remain home alone or can be trusted with a babysitter. 

An evening at the cinema is one of the most popular date nights for couples, and you can recreate the occasion at home. Rent a movie on your TV or stream the latest release. Load up with your choice of popcorn, snacks, and drinks and lose yourself in the storyline.

The one drawback of the home movie experience is you are the one that needs to clean up the mess when the lights go back on.

If nothing else, you’ll have a newfound respect for cinema employees having to get sweets off the carpet.

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