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4 Things That Makes Indian Fashion so Distinct

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India is a country filled with diversity, not just in terms of their religion, food, buildings, and music but also their unique clothing style. Indian fashion is known for Turbans, Kurta, Shalwars, Sarees, and Dhoti, which are slowly being incorporated into the global fashion industry.

In fact, many celebrities and fashionistas consider Indian fashion as one of their all-time favorites. Renowned fashion designers and fashion houses have not been left behind and are sourcing for Indian fabric and accessories.

But what makes Indian fashion stand out from the rest? Let’s find out here.

1. The Styles

indian fashion

What makes India’s fashion worth noting is the number of textures and patterns used in their clothing. There are different styles, patterns, and textures to choose from that suit the taste of both conventional and fashion-forward individuals. Over the years, some traditional Indian outfits have seen significant redesigns by well-known Indian fashion designers to meet global taste.

Let us take Saree, for example. Ideally, a saree is an evergreen outfit that can be modified into different styles depending on your taste. Traditionally, women wore sarees with a petticoat and a blouse. Today, you can wear a saree like a strapless dress or with a choli in today’s fashion.

Fun fact: The number of ways you can drape saree counts to over one hundred.

2. Colors

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Color has been part of the Indian culture since years ago, and it remains evident in their clothing. We really can’t deny that India has one of the most colorful fashion senses in the whole world. The inclusion of a wide array of vibrant colors in their apparel sets Indian fashion distinct from the rest.

Interestingly, each color used in their clothing has meaning or significance, especially in Indian marriage ceremonies. For example, brides usually use red during marriage ceremonies, while yellow is common during the festive season since it depicts happiness.

3. The Culture

indian fashion

Another thing that makes India’s fashion so distinct is its culture. The Indian people embrace their culture, which is evident in their attire or overall look. In India, a married woman must wear a mangalsutra or apply a red dot between her eyebrows to indicate her status.

In Northern India, women that have just gotten married wear a choora for a few days. Generally, India’s diverse culture has several trademarks that make their clothing unique from the world.

4. Jewelry

indian fashion

Something else distinct to Indian fashion is jewelry. Indian jewelry has remained adorable since ancient times and has made its way to today’s fashion. There are different types of Indian jewelry for various occasions, including the Kada, Jadanagam, and more.

The country’s jewelry can be made by combining precious stones like gold, diamonds, and a gem. Usually, the amount of gold in a bride’s jewelry indicates her family’s wealthy status. Generally, an Indian outfit is not complete with a beautiful necklace, earrings, chains, bangles, or nose pins.


Over time, the Indian fashion industry has experienced significant changes, making it one of the top fashion industries worldwide. Thanks to its rich history and culture, Indian fashion has truly gone global, making it way in western fashion.

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