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Everything You Need to Know About Divorce by Dr. Liz Jenkins

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When one runs out of options to reassemble the shattered fragment of their relationship, they opt for a final resolution: Divorce, which is now becoming a tradition in our society.

Couples are often driven to divorce due to many reasons, but the most common ones are an outbreak of an extra-marital affair, prolonged ignorance of each other, which leads to the search for the latter. But when the foundational phases of marriage are flawed, potential cracks seem to begin leading to a legal separation.

Morning lazziness is bringing to you a conversation with Dr. Liz Jenkins about Divorce.

Dr. Liz is offering you advice from 35+ years of experience in this field; she happens to be a relationship coach who renders her services to those on the verge of divorce.

“Spending more time and money outside the marriage, absorbed in other platforms of media most of the time at home ignoring the very existence of their partner are examples of the continuity of actions to expand the gap between their life partner, which truly signifies a sign that he/she is longing for a divorce” – states Dr. Liz.

Her professional path aside, she is a pet parent and spends quality time with them. She has recently launched a partner’s connection checklist, which she currently practices as well, and encourages others to do the same.

Partner’s connection checklist is designed to help busy people to focus more on their personal life, enhance their relationships.

Children are innocent blessings of the almighty; they believe what they see before their eyes.

Having a friend who had witnessed her parents drifting apart gives me an insight into what a child would have to go through during those difficult stages of a separation.

They are the most affected in fact than the couple; a healthy relationship inspires them to lead one in the future, shapes their tiny heart to express love and care for one another.

Therefore it is a vital part of separation to open up about the same before your kids and adopt a suitable lifestyle, where you could spend quality time with your children.

“In our busy world, we have calendars to update us about scheduled upcoming meetings, but what about your personal life? Do you remind yourself to check on your spouse about his health or offer a smile? Well, the partner’s connection checklist will set down say 3-things to do every day, every week, every month to improve your relationship and dodge a divorce letter.” Says Dr. Liz

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