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How the Pandemic Paved the Way to Geita Chatterjee’s- Sticky Dough

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My journey

“I had a very checkered career, I started with Television news reporting which was a 24/7 job and once I began building a home, it became very difficult and there was no support system for me in Mumbai where I had moved to from Calcutta and settled for my work. After I quit, I gave myself a break and then went in to teaching restaurant etiquettes and spoken English. I continued in the same line of work till the pandemic, but once the pandemic had hit, I thought to start a home-baking business, baking was aways a stress-buster for me and I enjoyed baking birthday cakes for friends and children. During the pandemic, everyone asked me take this up as a profession and there were many home-bakers out in the market as well, so that’s how I mustered the courage to start ‘The Sticky Dough’.” – Geita

The sticky delicacies

“Currently, I bake birthday cakes, pull-up cakes, brownies, cookies and cupcakes. The most in-demand delights of ‘The Sticky Dough’ are the fudge brownies which is very gooey from the inside and cracking from outside and our seasonal cupcakes like strawberry cupcakes for the winter.” – Geita

Mastering the art of baking

“Baking isn’t like cooking because it demands accuracy and the art of chemistry comes into practice. I think mastering that preciseness took me some time which I managed to gain expertise from practice and online courses.”

Launch of the year

“I want to start working on the Tres leches cake which is a cake that has three types of milk in it and I wish to introduce the mango tres leches as I believe that combination is quite delicious. Also, I want to launch in chocolates, I started experimenting on almond rocks and different sea salt covered chocolate and many more.” – Geita 

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