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Are Period Panties Better Than Pads And Tampons? Let’s hear from Kristy Gilbraith(Founder of FLOH Wear™)

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Ever since women hit puberty, we have been prone to plug in tampons or sanitary pads, and they have become a part of our lifestyle.

Period panties came up in the late 1980s in the china market under the title ‘woman menstruation underpants,’ featuring two layers of cloth sewn to the crotch of the panties, each lined with a non-toxic, flexible plastic film as per the racked.

Later on, in 1995, another Chinese company came up with an updated version of the latter that included a leak-proof liner.

Despite its comfortable features, it cast doubt and yet prevails on the majority who worships tampons and sanitary pads. 

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Kristy Gilbraith, a veteran, licensed registered nurse, menstrual maven, and the founder of FLOH Wear™ by Undiesloft.

How was FLOH Wear™ born?

“I came up with the idea of FLOH Wear™ by Undiesloft.com because of a medical condition that resulted in me being diagnosed and having extremely heavy periods that impacted the quality of my life. I know I am not the only one. In the US, 15 million people with periods have a similar condition.

I remember vividly having a business meeting… when I stood up, I immediately knew something below the belt was not right. I was horrified. I ruined their brand new white leather chair. I made a decision in that moment that would never happen to me again ever; and if I could do anything about it, that would absolutely not happen to anyone else with a period.” – Kristy.

The latest collections

“The most popular collection of the FLOH Wear™ is the Korah bikini’s which is actually named after my great grandmother, it not only beautiful it holds up to whatever that life is throwing at you. It absorbs 2 and a half regular tampons that would count for 15 ml of blood.

We launched the slumber shorty in which the absorbing part runs all the way up to the back; it has a little waistband. This can absorb up to 10 regular tampons and is perfect for sleeping. One could just walk around the garden with a long t-shirt on top of the slumber.

Then we have a high waist Lourdes, in which the absorbency goes from the front of the waistband all the way to the back, it can take in up to 6 regular tampons, and that would be approximately 30 ml” – Kristy.

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