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A Talk With Martha Sullivan on the Vitalness of Business Renewals (The Founder and President of Provenance Hill Consultancy)

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“One of the things we often site is that 80% of the business don’t sell because they are not transferable, too dependant on the owner for somebody else to step in and run the business like the last one or even better than the latter.” – Martha

Provenance Hill Consultancy

“We are a team of consultants that provide assistance for business growth. A lot of my work focuses around preparing for the next level of the business or maybe when a business owner is facing an ownership transition and I help in setting a stage for either one of those. We do a lot of strategic planning and also succession and exit planning.” – Martha

Morning Lazziness proudly presents to you a Candid Talk session with Ms. Martha Sullivan, business consultant, the founder and president of Provenance Hill Consultancy.

During the conversation, we discussed Provenance Hill Consultancy services, business renewals, Provenance Hill workshops and many more business strategies that helped Martha to support her clients during the pandemic.

Why are business renewals crucial?

“I think they are very vital for enterprises and during the pandemic, many were forced to do so. Business renewals are all about taking time out, looking for opportunities to improve the business and then building a plan around that and it is something that should be done on a regular basis.

It’s really about taking a pause and looking at how you are doing well and what you need to shore up in order to maintain that improvement. Open-mindedness and engaging your team in the process could be your key tools to successfully achieve business renewals.” – Martha

Provenance Hill workshops

“We currently offer two different workshops, and they build on one another. The first one is ‘Get a grip’ workshop and it is a great introduction to understanding how your business fits into your personal wealth profile. Surprisingly, as per a recent survey, almost 52 % of business owners didn’t really see how their personal finances and their business scenario overlapped. In this workshop, we connect those dots and talk about how business value could be maximized. It is a 7-week program, once a week. The second one is ‘Finding the value’ workshop takes the entrepreneurs into a much deeper dive about the business value aspect, it further develops their understanding about what creates value in a business and what could be holding them back. ” – Martha

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