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Horrifying Ideas for Makeup with Halloween Contact Lenses

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Halloween and It is Origin

Halloween is one of the most awaited days of the year, comes around October 31 and brings with its happiness and festivities. From brainstorming Halloween costumes to carving Jack O’ Lanterns and eating unfathomable amounts of candies with the kids, Halloween gives everyone a chance to dress up while bringing out their creativity, go trick, or treat and have fun.

At the same time, it is an excellent opportunity for the parents to take a break from their kids’ responsibilities and enjoy this holiday to the fullest.

As far as Halloween’s history is concerned, it is much older than you might think it is and dates to the Celtic festival of Samhain. It was believed that the dead could return to this festival and mix up with the living. The Celts used to dress up, wear animal skins or their heads. Knowing its history will only make it more meaningful and more fun for you.

The word Halloween literally comes from “All Hallows Evening.” Over time, this word shortened to Halloween. Hallows means saint, and this day is celebrated to pay homage to the saints. It also involves praying for the dead and the martyred, and its why Halloween’s famous for being scary and eerie.

Halloween Contact Lenses

Using contact lenses at Halloween is quite common because nobody wants to wear glasses with their Halloween costume and ruin the whole look. On the other hand, contact lenses are extremely comfortable and look dazzling with your costumes, and makeup looks. Halloween costume lenses come in all colors and designs, just according to your Halloween costume. There are black and white, whiteout, icy blue, pearl green, and many other colours that they come in.

Even though contact lenses are pretty easy to handle and much more comfortable than glasses, there are some things that one needs to be careful about when wearing them. Before inserting contact lenses washing your hands thoroughly is a must and before taking them out as well. You do not want soap or any other cleaning agent coming in contact with the lens itself, only the prescribed solution.

Do not go near the fire when you are wearing contact lenses because it could make them stick to your eye. Last but not least, never share your contact lenses with a friend and always keep them moist in their solution.

Spine-chilling Looks to Create with Halloween Contact Lenses

Anyone in this whole wide world can throw on a costume and call it done, but to make it look perfect, one needs matching contact lenses and a makeup look that’s absolutely on point! Halloween is one occasion on which everyone, from every age group, wants to look as scary as possible and stand out among the crowd. The feeling is indeed unmatchable when people not only love your Halloween look but are also scared of it. To achieve this, a vast majority of people go for Halloween contact lenses with their Halloween costumes to go out of the way and give them a unique touch!

As far as the makeup is concerned, It does not matter if you are new to using makeup or using it for too long; below, we have put together some makeup looks that will work for everyone, be it a newbie professional. You can copy them as they are or add a creative touch to them as well. All of these makeup looks go well with Halloween contact lenses, popping them out even more.

  1. Ice Queen Makeup with Contacts

Ice queens have been popular ever since Frozen came out. The empowering and compelling character of Queen Elsa urges everyone to create a similar look. For an icy and frosty makeup look, all you need is a white costume, icy blue Halloween contact lenses, and preferably a blonde wig. For the makeup, you need to make your skin as white as possible and add a few ice crystals on your face and body as well. Add glittery blue eyeshadow on your eyes and lips and a pair of frosty lashes as well. Play around and let your creativity show as well

2. Elf Makeup Look with Lenses

Elves have been super popular among the crowd after their appearances in movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Thor. They are supernatural creatures that pointy fingers and ears best suited to make a Halloween look out of. For this look, you need to contour your face to make it look triangular, get a pair of fake pointy ears from your nearest Halloween store, and put in white contact lenses. If you want to be a house-elf, wear ragged and torn clothes.

3. McDonald’s’ Clown Look with Contact Lenses

Mcdonald’s, one of the most popular food chains globally, is mostly known for its clown who goes by the name Ronald Mcdonald. Since many people worldwide have a clown phobia, this look would be a perfect one to choose this Halloween. You will be playing with red, white, and yellow colors and to look at an even eerier touch, green and red lenses! Paint yourself, especially your face, white, and add the red detailing around your eyes, nose, and mouth. Add some smudged eyeliner for a creepy look and put on some fake blood around your mouth. Add a wig and preferably a white and yellow shirt, and you will be good to go!

4. The Iconic Corpse Bride Look with Contacts

Halloween is incomplete with Disney’s touch in it, and for that very reason, we bring to you a most favourite Disney character, The Corpse Bride. Almost everyone is a fan of this character by Tim Burton, which has exaggerated beautiful but creepy doll eyes and a smile that says a lot!

You need blue body paint for this makeup look because you should preferably wear a top that is off the shoulders. After applying the body paint, put a white pencil in your eye’s insides, making them look bigger. Add detailing like the stitches on the forehead and the corners of the smile. Grey contact lenses and a red or orange wig would go perfect with this look.

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