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The 10 Most Effective Body Oils For Women That Moisturize And Replenish Dry Skin

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You’ve heard of using creams and lotions to help your skin stay hydrated or heal dry, damaged skin, but have you considered moisturizing body oils? It’s time to try out some. When you choose a moisturizing body oil, look for one that lasts all day—or longer. The best body oil for dry skin should contain the highest quality ingredients that lock in moisture and keep skin looking radiant all day long. Believe in the simplicity of using natural raw ingredients of these body oils that you know and trust. 

Say hello to baby soft skin and goodbye to dry, itchy skin with some awesome body oils! Treating skin & hair has never been such a delight! Your all-in-one guide for healthy, beautiful, and soft skin is right here. Below is a list of the best body oils for women with dry skin that’ll leave your skin nourished, moisturized, and intensely repaired.

1. Moroccanoil Dry Body Oil

Moroccanoil Dry Body Oil

Moroccanoil Dry Body Oil features a  weightless formula that absorbs quickly to lock in moisture. Spray a thin layer directly onto the skin immediately after showering and lightly massage.  It soothes dry areas and improves overall skin texture and tone for soft, silky results. 

2. Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula For Dry Skin 

Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula For Dry Skin 

Amazon Review:Gives the absolute perfect glow/sheen! I’ve always searched for the right lotion or oil that would achieve this without leaving me a greasy mess. This stuff is wonderful and the lotion is just as amazing!”

Experience Neutrogena Body Oil with its lightweight formula that glides on easily to moisturize and nourish your skin without leaving a greasy feel. In just a few seconds, skin is left soft and silky, ready to slip into the sheerest of fabrics. It’s so sheer that it instantly vanishes into shower-damp skin, sealing in moisture. Skin feels hydrated and soft, with a radiant healthy-looking glow. 

3. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Dry Body Oil Mist with Oat and Jojoba Oil for Dry, Rough Sensitive Skin

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Dry Body Oil Mist with Oat and Jojoba Oil for Dry, Rough Sensitive Skin

Amazon Review: “I love this spray. I got it because using lotion can be tedious for me. This is much easier to use and a great application. I have very sensitive skin but it has not irritated it all. Will be purchasing again.”

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing dry body oil mist with oat and jojoba oil is perfect to moisturize and condition dry, rough, sensitive skin. This lightweight oil spray helps nourish and condition for smoother and more even skin in just one week. 

4. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Oil For Dry Skin

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Oil For Dry Skin

Get relief from dry skin with Alba Botanica Deep Moisturizing Kukui Nut Hawaiian Body Oil. Kukui nut, high in essential fatty acids and nutrients, works to soften and nurture your skin. Sunflower seed oil, macadamia seed oil, and sweet almond oil work to hydrate and protect skin from moisture loss. Now, you are ready for winter events without worrying about your skin getting chapped and cracked.

5. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Body Oil

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Body Oil

Amazon Review: When I was a young teen I started using baby oil. When I got smart I changed to Palmer’s Cocoa butter body oil. I’m 62 now and people have asked me for years what I have done to my skin to be this age and not look at it. Even massage therapists can really tell and especially as I age. I have told many people the answer but it’s up to you to actually do it. It’s easy. After your shower or bath, dry what parts need dried but leave your arms, legs and body wet. Apply a small amount of oil to each area rubbing it in with the leftover water you didn’t dry. Every day!”

Dermatologist-approved, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Oil gives you an instant healthy-looking radiance while imparting deep nourishing moisture for up to 48 hours. It is specially formulated with pure Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E to help soften and soothe rough, dry skin. Add this lightly scented oil to your bath or apply it after your shower to get the best results.

6. Sheamoisture Daily Hydration Body Oil for Dry Skin

Sheamoisture Daily Hydration Body Oil for Dry Skin

Amazon Review: The scent is perfect. It’s not a heavy overbearing smell. The oil is a nice consistency, not too thick and definitely not watery… My husband loves to run his hands over my body when I have the oil on. I hope they don’t discontinue this oil, the stores used to sell this now I can only find it on Amazon.”

Leave skin with a natural glow, without a greasy look! SheaMoisture Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Body Oil is for dry skin that moisturizes and leaves skin soft and feeling pampered. It is infused with exotic Acacia Senegal, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, and other oils for skin to create a hydrating and lightweight, fast-absorbing body oil.  It can be used as a bath oil, shower oil, after-shower body oil or a body moisturizer. 

7. Ancient Greek Remedy Oil for Sensitive Dry Skin

Ancient Greek Remedy Oil for Sensitive Dry Skin

Amazon Review: This is an EXCELLENT product for so many purposes, I have used the foot & and balm also. I am very happy with this product and this company. I would definitely recommend any products from this company . I was NOT PAID TO PUT THIS PERSONAL REVIEW!!”

Ancient Greek Remedy Unscented Oil is a head-to-toe moisturizer that is genuinely 100% natural. It is formulated to nourish and soften your face, body, hair, scalp, nails & cuticles naturally. Regular daily use will promote healthier and more nourished skin.

8. Ora’s Amazing Herbal Travel Size Body Oil

Ora’s Amazing Herbal Travel Size Body Oil

Deeply moisturizing and highly replenishing, Ora’s Body Oil is infused with 6 nourishing herbs. It is gently scented with eucalyptus, lemongrass and mint. It absorbs completely into your body once you apply it, giving it a glamorous look and a satisfied feeling. 

9. Bare Botanics Moisturizing Body Oil for Dry Skin 

Bare Botanics Moisturizing Body Oil for Dry Skin 

The Bare Botanical liquid sweet almond oil for dry skin is easily absorbed and oh so hydrating! Transform your skin after just a few uses with this powerful moisturizing skin oil! Invigorate your skin with the cleansing powers of Lavender Essential Oil & Tea Tree Essential Oil. Diluted to 1%, this premixed body oil will leave your skin feeling nourished, hydrated, and silky smooth.

10. The Honest Company Organic Body Oil

The Honest Company Organic Body Oil

Amazon Review: Love this body oil! It moisturizes my skin really well. I use it at night after taking a shower. It is lightweight and absorbs easily. It also has a lovely mild citrus scent that I am crazy about. I added a drop or two to my body lotion and it made my skin feel very soft and hydrated. As a cancer survivor, it is very important for me to use healthy products so I can’t go wrong with this organic oil. Highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!”

The Honest Company Organic Body Oil has a new formula to help keep skin feeling soft and hydrated. This lightweight, soothing oil blend has over 95% certified organic and plant-based oils and is fragrance-free, making it a great choice for sensitive skin. Use it after bathtime to help lock in moisture or as a massage oil to help calm down fussy itchy skin. Enhance the luminosity and radiance of your skin and feel all the more confident from now on.

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