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The Brooklinen Luxe Queen Cotton Bedsheet, Is a Must-Buy For Summer

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What do we need for a comfortable sleep after a busy day? Just a good mattress, right? 

Well, of course, you need that, but what if I tell you that it’s really uncomfortable to sleep on even a top-notch mattress if it’s not covered with a good bedsheet. So, with a cozy mattress, a clean and comfy bed sheet is also a must. And I have found the perfect one for me!

When I got relocated for the job, I had one thing in mind; I’d buy a good quality bed sheet even if it squeezed my budget. So, after a couple of weeks, I was going through Amazon to make a purchase and boy! I was confused seeing all the variety they had. But at last, I filtered out everything and found Brooklinen Luxe Queen Sheets as the perfect match for my expectations. 

It looked good on paper and had excellent customer reviews, so I thought, why not give it a try, and I ordered it straight away. In a couple of days, a simple yet classy package got delivered to me, and I was really excited to unbox it.

Brooklinen Luxe Queen Sheets

As soon as I touched the bedsheet, I fell in love!!!!! And without wasting a moment, I spread it on my bed and just lay down on it. I felt the royalty it had, the softness, the quality; everything was just so amazing. It came like a fresh breath of air to me. 

The package had other things as well; besides this amazing windowpane print cotton bedsheet, there were 4 pillowcases, 1 flat sheet, and a duvet cover.

Why do I like Brooklinen Luxe Queen Sheets?

Yes, all of this is in one package. To be precise about the quality, the Brooklinen Luxe Queen sheet is a 480 thread count cotton weave bedsheet, lightweight with good thermal control, fits perfectly, and the best part, wait for it, you can exchange it even after a year. Isn’t that shockingly cool? Who’d give a warranty on a bedsheet! I’m sorry for only appreciating these bedsheets, but it is what it is.

Brooklinen Luxe Queen Sheets

I’ve been using this bed sheet for a couple of months now, and its build quality is just commendable. It’s very easy to wash, and believe me or not; it gets softer with each wash. My mother was also surprised by this trait, and one more thing is how I got such a good sense for purchasing such a high-quality bedsheet. But, the only thing which disappoints me is why didn’t I get to know about this bedsheet earlier. (Hahaa! Sorry I haven’t found a flaw to date.) 

This bedsheet is totally recommended by Brooklinen Luxe Queen Sheets because it’s worth every penny. Not only windowpane print, but it’s also available in four different colors (classic ones). I consider myself lucky that I came across this amazing brand, and buying this bed sheet set was like upscaling my living space.

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