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“PRISM” The NFT Marketplace Created by Artists for Artists

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As a part of the Morning Lazziness series about NFT women who are encouraging and doing incredible things with their ideas in society, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Paull.

Please let our users know about yourself and about your marketplace? 

My name is Sarah Paull, and I am the SVP of Operations at NuPay Technologies. My educational history is in art, design, and marketing, so getting to work with PRISM has been an amazing journey.

PRISM is a curated NFT marketplace with a focus on 1/1 NFTs. We are aiming to bring the traditional art market and close the gap between the two. We have a wonderful mix of veteran NFT artists and new NFT artists who are minting work through PRISM. Our model is user-focused and every artist has a direct line to someone on our team to assist them when needed. PRISM is intended to be simple, user-friendly, and a place of community.

Can you share a story with us about what brought you to this specific career path? 

When I was little I vividly remember sitting in my bedroom and organizing my coin collection. As it turns out, that passion for organization and coins led me to a place where I get to manage operations for blockchain and work with crypto coins! Not quite the same thing, but my meticulous nature and interest in numbers is what ultimately led me to a career in operations within the crypto space. When mixing in my passions for art and marketing too, this job is the best of both worlds. I really get to use my creative side and analytical side of my brain equally while working with artists at PRISM and developing exciting business ventures for NuPay.

What messages do you want to give to society with this NFT Marketplace?


That technology shouldn’t be a barrier to NFTs. Just because you see a digital artist making sales on their 3D renderings doesn’t mean that your more-traditional style doesn’t belong in the space. There’s a place for everyone, and the beauty of NFTs is that they are so new, so the sky’s the limit. That’s what PRISM is trying to help NFT newbies discover.

What are the key highlights of your NFT Marketplaces that make it unique from the other NFT artwork?

  • Full time support staff
  • Curation filters
  • Hands-on approach
  • Riveting collection of a variety of true art styles
  • ProtectArt feature which protects digital art from being stolen 

What do you think could be the future of NFT? How useful can they be for everyone?


I think practically anything could become an NFT in the future. Not just art, but even event tickets, driver’s licenses, and grocery receipts! The technology behind NFTs is incredible, it will just take the right blockchain to make it all a reality. 

How can people make a profit through this NFT Marketplace?

Just like any other selling platform, artists can make money on the sale of their artwork. Of course, there are fees associated with minting, and because of that we have set the minimum listing price on PRISM at $1,000 USD to ensure all artists will make a profit on all their sales. Gas fees aside, there is still a much greater profit margin to be made when selling art as NFTs on PRISM compared to in a physical gallery.

The future of the digital world might be ruled by blockchain and cryptocurrency. Do you think it would be challenging for all age groups to gain knowledge about the same? How can we educate them?

Education is a huge barrier of entry for all things blockchain and cryptocurrency related. Because the technology has been around for so long it is hard to get everybody to the same point. That is where many corporations and companies who have invested in and know about blockchain will become very important in providing the right information in a variety of ways so that everybody can learn and embrace the technology. The best way to educate everybody would be by making the knowledge common, dispersing it as widely as we can, making it as easily digestible as possible, and by providing as many resources as possible to optimize the accessibility . As more companies begin to implement blockchain solutions to their list of services the information will become much more common and easy to find.

Do you think NFTs, which are open to virtual reality, could adversely impact our health due to increased screen time?

I would say that any type of digital interaction too frequently has an adverse impact on health, especially when it comes down to the overwhelming stimulation. However, NFTs aren’t always linked to a technology or virtual reality experience. They may come with physical assets or unlock an experience in the physical world. I believe that the metaverse and VR aspect in itself is more of a concern when it comes to increasing screen time. There are many metaverse and VR experiences that are completely disengaged from NFTs. Life as we know it has been consumed with social media, and screen time has been increasing at an exponential rate over the last 15 years. As with anything, enjoy the metaverse in moderation! 

What are some upcoming programs you hope to launch this year?

This year PRISM will be releasing a buy now feature as well as an auction system. We have many other plans and projects that are going to build a more diverse network and greater opportunities for all of our artists and collectors. NuPay Technologies, PRISM’s development company, will also be launching its blockchain very soon, and this will be built into PRISM for added functionalities and more benefits.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 

I hope that in the coming years myself and NuPay can play a vital role in developing healthy regulation around crypto, blockchain, and NFTs to encourage wary spectators to dive in and become part of the space. If I could bring just one person to space and provide them with a positive experience that completely changes their mind about crypto, that would be a win.

Who are your top 5 Women in NFT inspiration?

1) Meltem Demirors

2) Tascha Che

3) Leena Al Ayoobi

4) Zoey Nash

5) Michelle Abbs

Lastly, what do you think this world needs the most? 

A little bit of grace.

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