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How to Protect and Keep Your Kids, Safe From Suspicious Strangers

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Ever since I became a mom, I asked myself how I was going to protect my baby from the harsh reality of this world. The only answer I came up with was to educate her about all that could hurt her and how she could keep herself safe.

Please read the list below on how to prepare your children to keep safe from anyone or anything suspicious with the rising number of kidnapping cases.

Always teach kids never to speak to strangers unnecessarily.
Times have changed, and we can no longer trust any stranger who takes an interest in our children. They have to be taught that conversing with strangers, if necessary, should be minimal. Personal information, like a home address, should never just be given out to anyone.

Never leave with someone you don’t know

The sad part about life is that people often take advantage of others being too kind and trusting. Children, especially, are naive and tend to believe that the world revolves around them. Nothing will hurt them intentionally. This is why we need to stress the fact that they should never leave with someone they don’t know a stranger.

Safety numbers

Another major thing to teach children is emergency contact numbers. The emergency or police line is very important and quick and easy to remember. Teach kids your own cell number and a work number too. This will at least come in handy if ever a child needs to contact someone immediately because of an emergency.

Social networking safety tips

We share more information about ourselves over the internet compared to anywhere else. This may seem harmless, although, now, there have been instances of cyber stalkers and not the harmless kind. It is always beneficial to teach children about these things. They should never post destinations and hotel names& room numbers over the internet. They should never give out their location at any time other than after leaving the premises.

Kids should never let strangers into the house, especially when the parents aren’t around.

In places like South-Africa, kidnapping is gone so bad that the culprits are actually pulling children away from their parent’s arms in broad daylight. They are also pulling them out of car windows when people stop at traffic light junctions. This is very scary, and parents should always follow safety tips when going out with their kids.

  • Always make sure that your windows are rolled up, and car doors are locked when driving. Kids should be buckled in.
  • Never take your eyes off your child, no matter the place you’re in. Even places with other parents and children there.
  • Always be there to drop the young kids off at school and pick them up on time, especially if you live in a sketchy neighborhood.
  • With toddlers, never let them out of your sight and never leave them on their own, even if you’re doing shopping.
  • Never trust anyone with your child, even if you’re feeling flustered and having a bad day.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and call for help if you feel or notice that someone is watching/following you.

These are just a few suggestions, but it is better to be safe than sorry, and nothing is worth more than our children and making sure that they are safe.

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