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Sushmita Sribestva Tango’s Artist of the Year 2021

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Music is the cheapest therapy! We all, at some point, turned to music to either uplift our mood or plug in our earphones to drain our sorrows. For most of us, Music is a hobby or a good time pass, but for our next Rule Breaker, music is her passion and career. 

Sushmita Sribestva was one of those musicians! But she turned to a live-streaming app to build up a following and generate income, Tango. During the pandemic, her following grew from dozens to thousands, and now she is an award-winning artist, having won ‘Tango’s Artist of the Year 2021’, ‘The Star Singer of India Competition, and ‘The World Flag Olympic Semi-Finalist from India in 2022’.

Let’s know more about her story from her. 

1. How did your journey start? 

I was sitting idle at home during the lockdown, and a person I know suggested I try this app called Tango thinking that  I’ll enjoy it and it would give me many opportunities. He was right because I can’t explain how much I am enjoying myself on Tango. This app has provided me with a loyal audience that is growing exponentially day by day. 

2. Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently when you were first starting out? 

The only thing I wish I would have done differently is that I should have joined this app much earlier. Because working on this platform is not only comfortable for me but relaxing too. I love talking to people and getting to showcase my talent to them. 

3. What does success mean to you? 

Being an artist, success to me is the appreciation of my art. Whenever I go live on Tango, people come online to see me. And when I miss a day, I get messages from them telling me that they missed me. I think that’s all an artist can want. 

4. For people who are trying to grow their audience on Tango, what advice do you have for them? 

One very important piece of advice for growing the audience on Tango would be coming live each day and interacting with the audience. If you interact with people, they’ll join your live video more, and it will eventually lead to a bigger family on Tango. 

5. In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up? 

While I was still struggling to grow my audience on Tango, there came a time when I got so unmotivated that I just wanted to quit. I think such a moment comes in everyone’s life when the negativity takes over, and we get overwhelmed with the struggle. It’s important to surround yourselves with people who love you and most importantly believe in you to help you overcome that negativity. 

6. What is an affirmation that keeps you going?

I inspire myself and therefore, no one can beat me!

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