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8 Tips To Confess Your Love For A Crush

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You know you have a crush when you think about a person constantly, seek them out in a crowd and blush when they are around. Once you admit to yourself that you have a crush, the next step is to tell them that if you want it to blossom into something more. But telling your crush about your interest may not be easy. A person’s first crush is always something that is remembered.

The first feeling of accelerating heart rates and the desire to see him or her constantly. Because it’s so new, the boy or the girl may not find it easy to tell their crush. It is difficult to expose emotions due to certain fears. Fear of rejection is the most common factor and has been faced by most couples. There is also the fear of being ridiculed which may prevent people from expressing their feelings to their crushes.

Read on to learn on the ways you can start the conversation or tell your crush about your feelings.

Drop hints:

Give the other party the opportunity to realize that you like him or her. If he or she likes you back, then they will do something about it. Try hinting at your crush, be playful or send a flirty text message. Don’t make it too serious as it will build the pressure on the person to reciprocate the feelings.

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Pick a Deadline:

Pick a deadline by which you must tell your crush about your feelings. The nerves can get to a person and he/she may put off talking about this for as long as possible and this isn’t the best outcome. The longer one waits and overthinks, it will make things even more awkward.

Pick a good time:

Choose a good time to declare your love for a crush. You don’t want your crush to be in a bad mood, distracted or busy. This will eliminate your chances at a positive response even before you begin. Set aside some time for a meeting or just catch up to them when you know they aren’t occupied.

Converse in private:

Talk to your crush in private. Talking in front of a big crowd will make you nervous and will put pressure on the crush. This will make him/her feel embarrassed and cornered and they will not react in the best manner.

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Be bold and confident:

Clarity and confidence can make your conversation better. You just have to put your feeling into words in front of your crush. Confidence is often an attractive feature that people look for, so this may work well for you. It takes a bold person to talk openly about their feeling and see if there can be more.

Think about the crush:

Try making the conversation easy for your crush. Help them feel comfortable and understand that although nit the best reaction, but there is a chance of rejection. When you speak, ensure that you don’t make them feel like they have to respond immediately.

Be comfortable yourself:

It is important that you yourself are comfortable when you decide to talk about your crush. If you feel that you should write or text first then do that. Writing an email or texting first helps in checking any shocks that your crush might feel. It will give them time to accept what you told them and come up with a suitable response.

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Think about your feelings if you never told them:

This one is quite important as many choose not to go through with telling their crush about their feelings. Think, if your crush moved away and you never had the chance to tell them how you felt, would that upset you a lot?

If yes, then you are too invested and doing nothing could lead to regrets in the future.

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