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How to End Your Relationship On Good Terms?

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Dealing with the end of a relationship is bad enough. Top it up with a bad breakup, and you might find yourself sulking in bed, wanting a tub of ice cream each day, and just wishing to shake the feeling off. Ending a long-term, serious relationship bitterly can also cause issues that last way longer than these effects.

It is recommended that one ends a relationship on good terms unless something absolutely wrong has happened. It is always better to talk it out and end things peacefully. This helps to reduce the chances of you or your partner needing any kind of closure and helps you move on more quicker. If you are wondering how to end your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend on good terms, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

1. Be sure.

Before you talk to your partner about breaking up, make sure you have made up your mind about it. Nothing is worse than breaking up one day and just changing your mind, just like that, the next. If you do this, things can only become worse between the two of you. 

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2. Keep your reasons well-listed.

Make sure you know the exact reasons you want to tell your partner while breaking up. If they do not feel the same way, they may have many questions, and you should be willing to answer them. Make sure to be empathetic and kind and not use harsh words as you end your relationship with dignity. 

3. Let them talk.

While you may be the one who has decided to end the relationship, they were also an equal part of it. When you tell them that you wish to break up with them, your partner may have a few things to say. Listen to them attentively, and be empathetic. It is not easy for either of you. 

4. Mention the good times.

While your relationship may be coming to an end due to various reasons, you both most likely had a good time together. While breaking up with your partner, you must bring up the good times as well. This might help soften the blow and is also a reminder of why you both need to part ways.

5. Do it face-to-face.

One of the worst things that have become common during the social-media age is breakups on texts, phone calls, or even just ghosting each other till the other person gives up trying to establish a contact. 

If you want to end your relationship on good terms, it is vital to break up with your partner face-to-face. It shows that you respect the relationship you shared and the person you shared it with. It also allows better dialogue without misunderstanding each other and the reasons for the breakup.

6. Define your relationship going forward.

One of the most important points to note while ending your relationship on good terms is to define your relationship with your partner going forward. Will you be friends after the breakup? Will you not stay in touch for a while? What happens if one of you wants to date right after? 

Ensuring that the two of you are on the same page regarding your relationship post-breakup will help you avoid any complications and ensure that you stay on good terms. 

7. Choose the right place.

While trying to end your relationship on good terms, the place you choose to meet is also vital. Do not meet in a crowded, public place only to leave them embarrassed. Choose a private setting where the two of you can have a conversation and speak your hearts out.

8. Do not be persuaded.

If you are the only one who wants to end the relationship, while your partner wants to give it another shot, it may be challenging to end the relationship on good terms. This is because they may try to persuade you into being with them. They may offer arguments about how you can make it work and how you can make a few changes for the betterment of the relationship. However, if you have made up your mind, make sure you do not get persuaded. While it may hurt them right now, it is only better for them and you in the long run. After all, who would want to be in a relationship with someone when they are not in love?

9. Give yourself time to process the breakup.

One of the ways we can end up sabotaging a breakup on good terms is by not giving ourselves the time to process it and grieve the loss. The relationship meant something to you. If you do not give yourself time to process the situation, you may blame your partner for the breakup. This can lead to resentment and arguments after the breakup. 

10. Accept that it is for the best.

The last but not the least important point to end your relationship on good terms is to accept that it is the right thing to do for the both of you. Admit to your partner that you will miss them, but it does not mean that you both belong together anymore. 


No breakup is easy. However, being nice to someone you shared a part of your life with only makes sense. While it did not work out with the both of you romantically, it does not mean that you care about each other any less or do not wish each other the best. 

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