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10 Signs Your Friends Are Ruining Your Relationship

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If you, too, feel like your friends are poking in-between your romantic relationship, then it’s time to look for the answers. 

Indeed, friends are the family we choose. But, sometimes, they can end up being the reason our relationships with others fall apart. Romantic relationships are often fragile, and interference from or influence of other people can affect them to the point where they become irreparable. 

There are times when your friends may purposely ruin your relationship with your significant other, while other times, they may end up doing it even as they have your best interests at heart.

If you are not sure whether or not your friends are ruining your relationship, read on to know some ways they can wreck your equation with your partner. 

Sings friends can ruin your relationship with your partner

You may have heard a few people tell you, “My friends ruined my relationship.” The truth, however, is that toxic friends ruin relationships. Your friends who actually care about you will never try to destroy something that is so important to you. Here are 10 ways friends ruin relationships.

1. They make a move on you.

It is not uncommon to develop feelings for one of your closest friends and feel attracted to them. However, when you know that they are in a committed, happy relationship, you accept that they just want to be friends with you. By making a move on you, they can not only ruin your friendship with them but also adversely affect your relationship with your partner.

2. Their opinion matters to you.

One way that friends can ruin a relationship even as they mean no harm is when they give their opinion about your partner or your relationship or how things between the two of you are. While seeking advice about your relationship from your friends is absolutely normal, you may end up ruining your equation with your partner if you do not look at the situation from a bird’s eye view. 

3. They judge your partner.

Maybe your partner is perfect for you, but according to your friends, they do not meet your standards in one way or more. Even as your friends want the best for you, they should accept who you love wholeheartedly. If your friends judge your partner, they can adversely affect your relationship.

4. They want you to prioritize just them.

Friends are obviously a big part of our lives. However, so is our partner. If your friends want you to prioritize just them, ask you to cancel your dates with your significant other to hang out with them or spend more time with them, they could be the reason your relationship suffers.

5. They talk about your exes.

One golden rule of relationships is to keep the exes out of it. However, the mention of your exes may pop up once in a while, or maybe too frequently with your friends. They might remind you of what a great time you had with your ex, how you were perfect for each other, or how your current partner is not as good as them. Refrain from falling into this trap of nostalgia if you do not wish to ruin your relationship.

6. They encourage you to cheat.

When you are hanging out with your friends, are at a club drinking, and someone attractive makes a move on you, do they encourage you to act on it? If your friends encourage you to cheat on your partner in any way, they are bad for your relationship.

7. Your friends make moves on your partner.

It is not rare when two people like the same person. There are chances that one of your friends likes, or liked your partner, in the past. However, as friends, they should respect that you two are in a relationship. If they do not care about the boundaries and shamelessly flirt with your partner, they are not suitable for your relationship.

8. They speak ill of your partner.

If your friends are constantly talking bad things about your partner, they can in no way be good for your relationship. What your friends think about your partner is essential to you, and it can eventually affect the love and affection you have for your girlfriend or boyfriend. 

9. They want to talk about relationship problems.

Your friends may be really wise and understanding, but your relationship problems are to be dealt with between you and your partner. If your friends want you to take their advice on every problem between you and your partner and want to know all details of what goes on between you two, they could be ruining your relationship.

10. They listen to just one side of the story.

Friends who listen to just one side of the story, whether it is yours or your partners, are not good for the relationship. Every story has two sides. When you two fight about something significant and seek your friends’ guidance, they should listen to both of you before they give their suggestions. If they speak too soon, they may become a reason why your relationship suffers. 

The bottom line

It is not necessary that your friends want to ruin your relationship. However, in some cases, they may think it is their responsibility to ‘save’ you from a bad relationship, and hence, they may try to create a rift between you and your partner. If you think your friend is in a bad relationship, you should talk and try to reason with them. Going behind their back to find ways to harm their relationship with their partner is a nasty move, and they may not appreciate it if and when they find out about it. 

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