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Writing about Friendship: How to Write a Great Essay

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Do you love your friends? Or, it is better to say – do you have friends who deserve the writing about? No jokes, such assignments about friendship are pretty typical for schools and colleges, and many students love them due to the simplicity of the topic.

On the other hand, some may be too deep into describing their attitude toward friendship and forget about the requirements or rules of writing essays. If you fail writing papers, you have two solutions – either to refer to an essay service for assistance or recruit your motivation and inspiration to learn some essay skills. This review will hint at the key tips on writing about friendship and getting a positive grade. 

Essay About Friendship – What Is It?

A friendship essay is an assignment dedicated to revealing your understanding of friendship as a relationship or phenomenon. It does not differ much from other papers taking into consideration the educational requirements such as word count, language style, and so on.

Yet, it is not a summary of your friendship with one or another friend or a biography of your close pal. Yes, there will be details involved regarding the history of your friendship with names, but you should focus more on researching your attitude toward it and its importance (or irrelevance if you think so).

Based on experts from academic writing services, the first approach regarding writing is to ask yourself a few questions. For instance,

  • Whom do you write a friendship essay for? It might be your pure desire to refer the paper to your good old friend. Otherwise, it can be just a simple assignment to deliver to the professor for the sake of a positive grade. No judgement both reasons have their relevance;
  • Are you negatively or positively predisposed toward friendship? It helps to brainstorm the ideas for the essay faster. You can have more cons against friendship than pros, and it is again pretty normal since we are all different;
  • Do you want other readers to learn something from your essay?

These questions just help to outline your potential audience. Let’s pretend you want to dedicate your essay to your beloved friend. Then, you have to create another list of questions that focuses on your challenges, experiences, acquaintances, time-spending, among others. Just try to make your paper engaging without going into details for 500 words on how you met each other.

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In the case your paper will be delivered in front of the audience, do not forget to involve some questions too. For instance, you can finish your paper with a question: What do you think about friendship cons, or What do you find complicated by being friends with your relatives?

Okay, the preparation stage is done. Now, let’s move to the actual writing without essay writing help. Ideally, you should dedicate one day to writing down all your thoughts about the topic. Do one thing – just sit and write everything that comes to your mind about your friend. No need to stop to correct the mistakes because you can lose the writing vibe and get stuck. Otherwise, you can use the outline. Follow the next tips:

  • Introduction. Briefly introduce your topic by revealing your attitude regarding the friendship. If your paper is 500 words, 100-150 words for the introduction is good. That 100-150 may involve both a thesis and a hook, but ensure it won’t be boring like – My best friend is Alan, and he is great. Yes, it is obvious but try to make something like this – My friend is Alan, and this is what can change your perception of friendship. Sounds intriguing? 
  • Main body. Here is the stuffing of the cake. You can speak of your challenges, experiences with your friends or speak of your associations regarding friendship. If possible, you can add relevant quotes or refer to one’s research in terms of the topic. Yet, do not exaggerate with them because a professor expects mostly your considerations;
  • Conclusion. Based on essay services, the main role of the conclusion is to refer to the thesis from the introduction. You should not add any new information because a reader won’t understand a thing. If you plan to deliver your paper to the audience, as was said above, add some questions for the negotiations or debates.

After your outline is done, you can proceed with cleaning up your first draft—no worries about mistakes or continuous paraphrases. If you find that your arguments or statements do not look academic, you can replace them. Beyond that, pay attention to the choice of words and terms—no need to use slang or fancy words to impress a professor. If you can write a sentence with simple words, it is the best approach.

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Then, ask for feedback. Ideally, you can ask your best friend (about whom you wrote a paper) to read it and give unbiased feedback. If you think your friend is too emotional, you can also ask your family members. They should share with you whether they find your paper interesting or whether it brings any value.

Prior to submitting your friendship essay, you should revise, edit and proofread it. Remember, it is a MUST! In the case you are tired, or you have strained eyes, leave the essay to rest for some time. Otherwise, rely on the Grammarly online editor. It will underline grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes even without going for a premium paid version. 

If you still think of this task as something impossible, just contact a ‘write my essay for me’ company for assistance. Such professional essay writers help with deadlines at affordable prices, and your friendship essay will be a piece of cake for them. Moreover, you should not worry about your anonymity. No one ever will come to know that you ordered a paper with a reliable essay writing service.

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