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How To Make Sex Last Longer: 10 Hacks You Need To Know

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What good sex means to you? Though amazing-and-short sex is always preferable, squeeze-and-long banging sex is what makes sex last longer. 

If your mind stumbles upon the bizarre problems of premature ejaculation (occurs sooner, within less than a minute of penetration) and poor test-drove, and thoughts like you never able to perform well in bed or can’t make your girl go-crazy and so on. Then this article can be your life-saver. Follow these exercises and mind-blowing hacks to enhance your sexual pleasure time.

How to make sex last longer – Tips and Tricks that marvelously works

According to research – more than half of men orgasm in two minutes or less. As per the Journal of Sexual Medicine study, in 2005, the average length of time sex lasts a mere 5.4 minutes, not counting foreplay. Furthermore, one more research says, “the desirable length of time to spend in sexual pleasure is between 7 to 13 minutes”. So, if your sex life feels like a hundred-meter dash and you want to stretch for 500 meters, for her pleasure and orgasms bliss, then we got your back.

That said – It’s impossible to feel the edge of the sex till the time you’re not taking her to the places she never knew existed. So, to make your next sex session rocking and wants to blow her mind, then practice this exercise. 

Start with this: the next time you masturbate, focus on HER orgasms, not your own. Take yourself to the edge of orgasm, but stop before you come. Then start again. Practice this until you can last 15 minutes without ejaculating.

We hope the exercise would be apparent to you; now, without further ado, here are ten fantastic sex hacks that will help you last longer.

Spend more time on foreplay: 

Enticing extended foreplay not only makes sex last long but your partner love intense naughty foreplay than penetration. More extended foreplay prevents overstimulation of most sensitive parts and makes your partner more focused.

Thus, spending more time on foreplay before jumping to the intercourse part extends the sex session, or if you could not make it past the two-minute mark after parking your submarine in a pen, the night will still be satisfying for both.

Masturbate before sex: 

Masturbation is one way to enhance sex time in the bedroom. Brushing off a heap preceding the demonstration makes a man’s penisless touchy amid the erection following ejaculation. With this, both the partners able to build up the arousal again with intimate foreplay. And, you” ll surely notice a significant change in penetration time.

Have plenty of sleep the night before:

Spending hours in the gym makes you get stronger, the same way if you get proper rest and have healthy food, you able to perform better. Also, your energy and stamina level would be high that allows you to take charge and extend the intense lovemaking strenuous physical activity.

Have some sex toys to set the mood:

Though it sounds like cheating a little, what if your partner should not be able to make both of you orgasm? Incorporating kinky stuff in the bedroom is a brilliant way to turn the mood on in seconds. So, get your partner a vibrator that stimulates G-spot and offers clitoral stimulation at the same time.

Save your favorite sex position for last: 

Well, suppose you are intimating with the same partner for a while. In that case, your regular sex position can make his body anticipate coming and thus come to a lot sooner. Hence, it’s always advisable to try new and different sex positions every time or at least save one of your favorite sex positions for last if you need something a little extra.

Use the “squeeze” technique: 

Old and unusual sex technique. The squeeze technique allows the partner to hold the penis with a hand or a cock ring. The technique quite literally stops him from ejaculating when he’s reaching the edge of orgasm. Doing this dampens the sensation in the penis, delays orgasm, and reverts the man to the sexual plateau. It sounds like – bending the hose in half to stop the flow of water, but here you don’t have to turn the penis in half – just give it a firm grip.

Try edging:

Edging is a technique that allows men to cease the penetration action moments before orgasm. The arousal sends him back to the pre-climax stage, giving more time for penetration – that means a longer pleasant time. Furthermore, edging makes penetration more pleasurable and hazardous than expected.

Use a thick condom:

Always, always practice safe sex. Whether thicker condoms reduced the sensation, you should always invest in good quality condoms and treat them as your best friend. Apart from giving better protection, thicker condoms make the sex last longer.

Do some Kegels and yoga:

Kegel exercises are for everyone who wants to make their sex session incredibly amazing, from strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to giving utmost sensation. And, men can also perform some kegel exercises for better penetration.

Give a try to performance-enhancing supplements:

There are many performance-enhancing supplements out there in the market, which are just made to enhance sexual pleasure. Most of these supplements are made of stimulants that prolong stamina. One of the popular performance-enhancing supplements is Viagra.

Hence, these are some of the mind-blowing hacks to make sex lasts long. 

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