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How to Stop Being Possessive in a Relationship

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Have you ever found yourself battling with possessiveness and jealousy in a relationship? It’s time to learn the quick tips about how to stop being possessive in a relationship?

“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.” – Gary Allan.

Jealousy and possessiveness are the two major pitfalls that lead to a broken relationship. Shattering one person’s trust, lacking responsibility, and uncontrollable moods – are the poison that dissolves in a relationship, causing destruction and a lot of manipulation. 

The study says – when such kind of behavior kicks in a relationship, whether because of past traumas or due to innate character flaws that were not adequately addressed- it becomes challenging for both partners to handle a relationship. 

However, a bit of jealousy is natural in a relationship, but things become a disaster when one partner spies, cheats, or lies. All of it leads to the fiery end of a relationship; it also lacks the motivation to continue as a couple. 

So, how do you stop being possessive or jealous in a relationship? Down below are some tips to help keep you in perspective:

Learn to trust yourself:

If you want affection from your partner, start trusting yourself first. If you always sound unconfident and feel jealousy is still high on the urge, then chances are your partner will end the relationship. 

To get love in return, you need to love and trust your self-worth. Your significant other would be happy to love you more when you feel confident in your own skin and have no jealousy and possessiveness in the relationship. 

Move on from the Past:

As they say, the past is passed, and there’s no change in it. Perhaps you had been cheated or lied in your past relationship, but don’t lose hope in the fresh one. If you keep comparing your past relationship with the present one, you can never feel happy and cherish it. 

You need to forget the past to bring laughter to your present relationship. If your partner keeps on trying to make you joyful, never leave their hand. A wise person has said – you’ll feel better if you let the past go! You can’t change anything that’s already happened, so release the past hurt and focus on the relationship you’re in now.

Don’t be overbearing:

Nobody likes to be with a needy person. Worrying over foolish things not only makes the relationship worse but also destroys trust. If you keep on doubting your partner, whether they love you or not, why they haven’t responded to your messages, the more you will doubt, the more you will push your partner away. 

Get this straight, trust that they love you because they’re choosing to be in a relationship with you. Let them go out with their friends without you and when they come back, don’t doubt them, rather ask them – What did you guys do? How was your day out? This will make your better half feel trustworthy and makes them love you more.  

Get to know each other friend’s:

Okay, one of the greatest ways to keep jealousy away is to get familiar with each other. Invite your partner’s friend to your place to watch the next NBA match or play games on PS4. You can also plan a Sunday’s trekking or sun-soaking. 

Chances can be you might like their friends and prefer to spend time with them as well. Remember, this tip works wonders and even can save a drowning relationship. 

Never try to change your partner:

When you get into a relationship with your partner, you accept them the way they are. So, now, why do you want to change them? Just because it matches your standards. 

Accepting each other’s flaws and loving someone who they are, is one of the keys to a happy relationship. You just can’t ask your significant other to improve themselves. Otherwise, they just walk away. 

Remember – a relationship that builds on demand will never give happiness. 

Figure out the root problem:

Why do you get jealous of unimportant things? Why do you feel possessive in your relationship? Where does this jealousy come from? Have you ever asked yourself these questions yourself?

A possibility is something that may happen in your past (whether in an old relationship or childhood), which still fears you. And that’s the reason you become jealous or possessive. 

Take out some time and figure out which picture of your past bothers you. Despite judging the situation, think about how that situation was generated. Necessarily you will find the situation. Talk to your friends and family to make you feel better. 

Talk to your partner about your life issues:

You found your best friend is hanging with someone else, ditching your volunteering program. Of course, you will be jealous. How to deal with a certain circumstance? 

If whatever happened between you and your best friend bothers you, try to talk to your partner. Make sure you don’t sound like you are blaming your friend (you are just describing them to the situation). Keep your thoughts upfront and let them understand the situation. Tell them the thoughts are running in your mind and heart. If you’re open and honest about things, your partner is more likely to hear you out and try to make up with your best friend. Eventually, it will help you stop being possessive. And once everything is out in the open, you can start making new plans altogether. 

Get a life:

You have your own life; you love your job; you are passionate about your dreams and goals; you want to be successful in your life. Likewise, your partner has their own social life. You both are two individual entities, working hard, accomplishing goals, and making efforts to keep each other happy. 

So, when you both enjoy your own life, you’ll become a more interesting person to your partner. Hence, it’s important to spend time together, but it’s also amazing to spend time apart and do different things to share and talk about when you’re together.

Don’t let jealousy take over your emotions:

Though it’s normal to get jealous, just like sadness and joy, you can’t let the possessive take charge of you, right?

Sometimes anger and jealousy take over us, we become rude, and our harsh words unknowingly hurt the other person’s feelings. So, whenever you get jealous, take a long deep breath, think about the magnificent things, and remember you want to pursue them together, and that all these will be put to waste if you keep the feeling of being possessive in your heart and mind.

Wrapping Up!

It can be your partner’s clingy behavior or yours, but never lose hope in a sweet relationship. We know – it’s difficult to get rid of the feeling of doubt, but you can keep this “how to stop being possessive in a relationship” guide handy. Start recognizing your reactions, and sooner your relationship will ponder. 

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