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Kiss Work Obsession good-bye. Don’t let Work pink Slip love

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Sharing a breakthrough

It took a hurricane rumbling through my area a few months ago to get me to really consider the question of how do we maintain a good work and love balance? 

I was hunkered down in my bathroom, and I had two thoughts. One, I work too much, and two, I want to find someone for myself to love. Ironically, I’ve been busy with my business and helping other people have better relationships. 

As a relationship coach, I work with clients nationwide, trying to navigate this. For clients in their thirties with children, it’s really a matter of scheduling. Schedules for busy professionals help to map out responsibility and create trust in a partnership, especially when it comes to childcare. So that means you can schedule everything from date nights and sex (and yes, you should when you’re particularly busy) to childcare and playdates. 

However, for clients without children or maybe grown children, consider the joys of spontaneity. Novelty creates a new memory and enhances relationship building. So, that could be a spontaneous trip or even a sweet note on their pillow for them to discover. 

Singles may feel overwhelmed by dating, and I would suggest trying to hire some of that out to professionals, from dating coaches that help with online services to matchmakers. This way, singles can look forward to the dating end instead of looking for the date’s tedious work.

There are ways to circumvent the work/ love dilemma for each person and at different stages of life that can help you live a truly balanced life that helps enhance all aspects of your life. 

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Ingrid Sthare
Ingrid Sthare, BCC, ACC, CTLC not only gives relationship advice, she has lived it. She is the host of a new podcast entitled “Relationships in Progress” which takes you on her personal journey to find an ideal mate by sharing the insights of leading relationship experts from around the globe.

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