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5 Tips to Nurture Your long-term Relationship

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Being in a long-term relationship feels so amazing, isn’t it? All those little moments filled with love and surprises. However, after some time, the joy and excitement of being in a long-term relationship tend to fade away.  

You see, the early phase in any relationship is all about expressing, teasing, and smiling with each other. It is the phase where two people spend a lot of time trying to know each other. They try to express each other without wasting any time.

There is love and excitement, followed by the feeling of getting butterflies in the stomach. Despite all the arguments and little fights, a couple succeeds in making everything right by going on dates, cooking together, watching movies, and giving surprise gifts. 

But as the relationship evolves with time, all these gestures blend with daily life to such an extent that it kills the excitement. The thrill dies because people feel that excitement in a relationship is only meant to stay for the first few months.

However, this is not true. Your relationship with your partner requires nurturing, especially if you are planning to spend your life together. Your relationship with your partner is a delicate one. This means you can’t afford to spend a life full of the same old routine without any excitement. On the contrary, it means fighting for each other by putting in the effort.

Now you must be thinking about what can be done to make your relationship full of thrill and excitement. Well, you don’t need to worry about finding different ways to spice up your relationship. Here are some tips to help you make your long-term relationship more exciting.

1. Joyful Times are Precious So Don’t Miss Them

People in relationships forget how important it is to cherish little things. But instead, they keep on nagging and arguing about matters that don’t even matter. As a result, they end up feeling agitated, frustrated, and annoyed. This creates distance between two people, and ultimately it kills joy. Therefore try not to argue with your partner.

On the contrary, make sure to live your lives joyfully. Try to bring a smile to each other’s faces. Do not miss even a single moment to share the joy with your partner. You don’t always need special occasions to smile more often. All you need to do is to spend some time together each day. You may find yourself discussing difficult situations, but eventually, you’ll end up laughing together. That’s the thing about humor. It somehow finds its way in our conversations, no matter how annoyed you are with your partner.

So, try to spend time together and laugh as if there’s no tomorrow. 

2. Indulge in New Experiences

The majority of couples avoid indulging in new experiences. This is because some find it childish, while others find it a waste of time. But guess what, it’s none of these.

In fact, engaging yourself in new experiences is one of the best ways to learn new things about your partner. So, try to do some new activities once in a while.

Of course, you don’t need to go big with adventure sports or something like this. You can begin with small things like indulging in your partner’s favorite activity. Try to find out what it is that your partner likes to do the most. It may include reading a book, painting, jogging, swimming, writing, singing, etc. It doesn’t matter what kind of activity you two decide to do. The point is that you do it together. It also doesn’t matter whether you’ll like it or not. What matters is that you try to show interest in your partner’s interest so that they don’t feel unappreciated. 

3. Express Your Love More Often

There are various ways of expressing your love to your partner. Some people prefer to say “I love you” while others prefer to give an “I love you” card. It doesn’t matter which way you choose to express your love. The problem arises when you fail to express your love very often.

You see, telling your partner that you love them assures them of feeling important and valued. While staying silent will make them feel for granted. Expressing your feelings will also help you feel content, knowing that you can keep your partner happy. So, matter what gesture you use, just make sure they know your feelings.

4. Love Your Partner but Don’t Lose Yourself

Of course, you are someone’s partner, but remember, you are also an individual. Loving someone doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself. Love is not meant to limit you from being yourself. But it’s meant to liberate yourself and feel vulnerable in your relationship. This means your strengths and weaknesses should help you to create a strong bond with your partner.

So, make sure you express what you feel and do what you like. Set boundaries if required, but don’t let love compromise your identity. But remember, this is applicable for both of you—you and your partner. Don’t expect that you’ll get to maintain your identity while your partner loses his/her identity. No, it doesn’t work like this, for a relationship is not a seesaw. You need to have a balance when it comes to investing in each other. So be generous with your partner.

5. Communication is the Key Not Arguments

To have a healthy relationship, you must focus on communicating with each other. If you disagree with your partner on certain issues, then be open to saying it politely. But do not get aggressive or defensive. Do not play the blame game, for it is very harmful and can cost you your relationship. So, make sure you sit, talk, and resolve the matter. Remember, love is greater than your petty issues, especially if you truly want it.

Remember, a relationship between two people is like a rose. A rose spreads its fragrance as long as it’s fresh. But once it’s dead, it begins to crumble, and the fragrance fades away. If one has to keep the rose alive, the only way is to keep it in the sun and water it. The same goes for a relationship.

To keep it alive, you have to nurture it with positive emotions and feelings. So, go ahead, use these tips to nurture your long-term relationship.

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