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Surprising Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation | For Body And Soul

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The best of living with joy: 

Yoga And Meditation

“Yoga is the dance of every cell

With the music of every breath

That creates inner serenity and harmony.”

From the breakfast table to the time till we are back in our bed at night, our mind stays occupied. We keep hustling inside and outside. The meeting, schedules, appointments, and all the chores of the world.

Do we ever sit alone to analyze what this panic is all about? Why are we rushing every moment?

Modern Vs. Ancient Time

Our ancestors and the sage, they were lived for many years, but we have just 60 or 70 years to live. You know what the secret behind this; the secret is Yoga & Meditation. In the pastime, people used their lots of time to do Yoga and Meditation because there’s no hospital and multiple services like this era. They all were fit by Yoga and healthy food, but unfortunately this time we don’t have food items which are without chemicals, and that’s the main reason we all are feeble, and our ancestors were more powerful. So, how could you improve your health when you don’t have chemical-free grain, fruits, and vegetables? 

Why Yoga And Meditation Are Crucial?

The solution is you should give your few hours to Yoga & Meditation regularly. When we start to slow our breath and begin to sync it with our movement, we become peaceful and calm. Then, we grow closer to the single-minded purpose. By slowing down, we begin to accomplish more, and we keep our concentration in the present moment. This helps to strengthen our body, as well as awareness, to prepare for Meditation.

It helps you to improve your concentration power; it makes your mind very fresh and fills with positivity. So, that you will achieve your goals because you have much potential to compete with everything, whether it’s health, sport, business, or study.

Yoga & Meditation helps you a lot without any cost, and you need to save your 2 hours a day and sit in a peaceful area of your house and start Meditation for 20 minutes. Where the breath flows, the mind goes. 

Yoga and Meditation can raise our consciousness. Yoga helps to carry our body to the point of silence by removing the restless energy we carry around and make us ready to turn into thoroughly immersed in deep concentration.

Practice mediation regularly helps in opening our Third Eye and allow the energy to flow to the higher chakras and higher consciousness.

 Here are some benefits of Yoga & Meditation

  • Meditation enhances Empathy: Loving-kindness meditation fires neural links to brain sites that regulate positive emotions like empathy and kindness.
  • Meditation improves Cognition: Mindful Meditation enhances the brain’s problem solving as well as decision-making strategies, which can fetch a good move in our professional life.
  • Meditation is a Natural Stress Controller: Stress is the body’s response to unexpected adversities. Encountering immediate threats raise the level of cortisol or stress hormone in the body. It also activates the Autonomic Nervous System, which is responsible for fight-or-flight responses. Regular meditators’ brain studies revealed that they have lower cortisol levels in their brains, which explains their insightful and resilient nature.
  • Meditation promotes Emotional health and well-being: Meditation improves self-image and self-worth. When we are in regular meditation practice, we get a clear picture of our mind and become aware of the thoughts that drive our emotions and actions at the moment.
  • Meditation Increases attention by including a state of flow: Mindful awareness comes naturally to us when we meditate, and we reach a ‘flow’ state where our mind is in complete unison with itself. 
  • Performing yoga daily increases flexibility.
  • It increased muscle strength and tone.
  • It also improves respiration, energy, and vitality.
  • It helps in maintaining a balanced metabolism.
  • It manages the weight reduction.
  • It promotes cardio and circulatory health.
  • It improved athletic performance.
  • Protection from injury.

At last, The Magnificent Yoga & Meditation

So, start Yoga & Meditation in your daily practice so that you can build up your immune system and develop your brain with more power. The immune system helps you to fight against many diseases like Cancer, Blood-Pressure, and Fat Issues, etc… 

The main thing which you can develop by Yoga & Meditation is Self-control and Increase tolerance power. Because of that time, people don’t have tolerance power and don’t have patience, which causes troubles & violence. So, meditate regularly to build a good human being inside you. Like our body need food to gain energy to perform.

Similarly, our soul needs food, which is Meditation, which repairs your soul, and it helps you to connect with God, and it fills with positivity. And you will build a Crime free nation. Also, none take drugs & alcohol because Yoga & Meditation helps to make them feel fresh, and they just concentrate on their work rather than planning for bad things.

          “Yoga is the artwork of awareness on the canvas of body, mind, and soul.”

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