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Top 5 Places for Couples in Amsterdam for a Romantic Date

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You must be reading about Amsterdam as a place known for cannabis coffee shops, synonymous with Red Light District, but don’t forget that beautiful Dutch capital has its own charm when it comes to romance. From bike rides along canals, scenic waterways, candlelit cruises, Michelin star restaurants, you will fall more in love with the city and with your partner in no time. There are plentiful Places for Couples in Amsterdam where they can spend quality time with one another. The couples must think of romantic things to do in the city.

Plenty of Amsterdam sightseeings can be explored, getaway places for fun, cool attraction points for fun date, and a fine-dining dinner date in a night with a partner. Walk around with your partner by holding each other’s hand in the romantic air of the Amsterdam and enjoy the oozing charm. The beautiful canal system, cobbled street, narrow houses have their own mesmerizing effect on the people. The city looks perfect in the starry night, and lovers can take a stroll in the park. The art and culture in itself are adequate to attract tourists from all over the world to Amsterdam.

Romantic Things to do in Amsterdam

There are plenty of top things to do in Amsterdam, and you don’t have to wait for valentine’s day either. You can visit Amsterdam in the months of November and January and can enjoy some of the festivals with your partner. It is time you should explore some of the points of interest places in the city and get lost in the amazing culture and unique charm of the capital. 

Enjoy Museums Together

It is time to learn something together if your interest lies in history, art, music, etc. The city has some great museums to spark interest and inspires romance among couples. The galleries of paintings embrace passionate love among lovers in different forms. You can have an interpretation of the subject of the painting and evokes the discussion of emotion with your partner. Some museums organize events that allow you to delve deeper into the art and literature. 

Romantic Dinner Date with Difference of High Wine

For a unique date night experience, you should visit the Dylan hotel, which can take you on a high wine experience along with a culinary delight. It housed in the fashionable shopping district where couples can enjoy the slice of romance while snuggling up in front of the crackling fire. A sip of wine perfectly matches to each course sounds romantic. The mahogany floors, blazing fireplace, and silk draping from ceiling to the floor make the ambiance full of sophistication.

A Stroll through Beautiful Canals

Once the sun goes down, you must explore the city on a bicycle along with your partner. The lit-up canals make the city look beautiful. The couples can go for a picturesque stroll and, at various spots, can enjoy live music. Intimacy can be enjoyed by the couples, and they can be swept away in the music, dance, etc. 

A Walk to Remember in Park

Amsterdam is the city where people can laid back ad enjoy the lifestyle, which includes cycling as the daily routines. You can go for a walk in the park before the picnic. The 120 acres of Vondel park can be the place where you can get lost in the conversation with your partner while walking through lush greenery. To call for a moment, you can enjoy sipping wine and savory home-cooked food in the park. There are some dotted cafes around the park where you can lounge for some time with your beloved. In the months of June and August, you can enjoy sitting on green grass and get serenaded with the performance of musicians all for free!

Tour of the City with Sampling of Food

It is said that the best way to man’s heart is through his stomach, and it will be right to say that saying goes for women as well. You and your beloved partner can plan a city tour, and nothing beats the sampling of different savory food. The beautiful city looks better when you get the chance of sampling some of the mouth-watering varieties of food. The food tour with your partner sounds perfect, and you can get to explore some fo the brewery. In combination with walking around canals, you should add it to your list of romantic things to do.

Take a trip down the city and explore some of the popular tourist places in Amsterdam for couples are:

  • Van Gogh Museum
  • The Rijksmuseum
  • The Jordaan
  • Vondelpark
  • Dam Square
  • The Royal Palace
  • The Botanical Gardens & the Zoo
  • The Old Church

The city welcomes its tourists all year-round. From romantic sights to enjoy doing activities together, the city never fails to surprise the couples.

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