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Top 10 Best Apps Every HR Should Use

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Piles of paperwork, employee grievances, events, attendance monitoring are a few things that come to mind when we talk about HR. It is a no-brainer that HR professionals have a lot on their plate, and sometimes the work can be overwhelming.

In recent years, there has been a lot of buzz around HR technology that is helping HR professionals reduce their administrative burden. Some of the HR technologies that are making the HR function more efficient include the Human resource management system (HRMS), payroll management system, recruitment and onboarding software, employee engagement tools, to name a few.

But do you know that besides these robust technologies, there are many other applications that can help you become more efficient in your job role? These apps are easy to use and make HR functions more efficient.

Here are the top 10 apps every HR should know about: 

1. Slack

Communication is the key, we all have heard this phrase a million times, and we couldn’t agree less to it. Clear, unhindered, frequent communication can help deliver tasks and make the workplace a great place to work. Slack is an internal communication channel that allows team members to share important announcements, communicate with each other, share posts and videos, and other informative resources. 

2. Zoom

Apps Every HR Should Use

As soon as organizations started working from home, Zoom became one of the most valuable tools for HR professionals. From organizing team events or town hall meetings to conduct weekly get-togethers or organizing webinars, Zoom has emerged as a great platform for video conferencing. This tool allows you to schedule meetings, give presentations, and virtually connect with your team members. 

3. Linkedin

You must be wondering- Why Linkedin? Yes, Linkedin is a social networking site, but it can be really beneficial to HR professionals. Linkedin is a platform that onboards millions of users from all around the world. You can expand your professional circle by networking with industry professionals, share recruitment opportunities and build your talent pool using this platform. 

4. Prezi

In the past two years, we have realized the importance of human connection. When the world went under lockdown, it was one of the things that we missed a lot. Although there are numerous video conferencing tools or video presentation tools out there, the one thing that makes Prezi stand out is its ability to keep the human connection in remote meetings and online presentations. With Prezi, you can easily create and share personalized presentations that bring their graphics on the screen with them as they present to remote audiences anywhere. 

5. Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the handiest apps that are of great use to every HR professionals. Get rid of your fear of forgetting things and keep all important stuff always near to you with the help of this great tool. No matter where you are, you can easily save your thoughts and make notes, lists, and save links to important information using Google Keep. You can quickly filter and search for the notes or links, or other information you have saved in the app. 

6. Lastpass

As HR professionals, you must be managing a lot of systems and accounts; this makes remembering the password of every app or system difficult. So if you are struggling with remembering passwords, then Lastpass can help you. It is a centralized and secure password management service that stores encrypted passwords in private accounts. It runs effectively both on web browsers and smartphones. The app supports password generation, site sharing and logging, and two-factor authentication. 

7. Trello

Apps Every HR Should Use

Trello acts as a helping hand for the human resources team. This tool can help the team organize information, manage interview processes, configure workflows, onboard new hires and foster a strong company culture. It is a great app for the HR team as it encourages collaboration among team members and helps them reach new productivity peaks with each passing day.

8. Docusign

It is an e-signature and digital transaction management platform which allows you to easily and securely import, send, and sign digital documents at any time from anywhere. This tool can help HR leaders for sharing work agreements, offer letters, appointment letters, etc., with remote workers or freelancers. The app integrates well with other apps such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, etc. 

9. Quodeck

The HR department is responsible for benefits administration, and learning and development are benefits that many organizations offer their employees. Quodeck is a leading Learning Management System that operates with games. It offers innovative training methodologies, improves the overall learning experience, and helps in capturing valuable data in real-time. You can use this tool to encourage learning among employees. It turns entire learning sessions into interesting games where people win points, can compete within teams or outside of teams, etc. 

10. Rescuetime

Manage your focus and time with this brilliant and must-have app for HR professionals. If you are often distracted at work or want to maintain a healthy work-life balance, then this app might be a great tool for you. This app gives you clear insights into your workday. You can also set goals, make schedules, and review your goals or targets with Rescuetime. 

These are some of the most preferred apps that are used by HR professionals to better manage their daily activities.

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