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According to A Study, Vegan Men Are More Likely To Perform Better In Bed 

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  • 322 million men worldwide are estimated to experience erectile dysfunction by 2025 
  • High cholesterol is one of the main physical causes of ED in men 
  • Women lead the way in veganism – twice as likely than UK men aged 35-44  

High cholesterol foods may not only be affecting your waistline, but also performance in bed according to Chemist Click. It is estimated that by 2025, 322 million men worldwide will be affected by erectile dysfunction. 

It is natural for men to occasionally experience ED; however, regular occurrences could be a sign of underlying health issues including heart disease, clogged blood vessels and diabetes. In the last month alone, the online pharmacy has seen a 229% increase in the number of sales of erectile dysfunction treatments. 

Erectile Dysfunction

A study by BJU International uncovered that erectile dysfunction sufferers are 45% more likely to experience cardiovascular disease and 50% more likely to develop coronary heart disease.

Treatments such as Viagra, also known as the Blue Pill can be a safe and effective temporary remedy for many men when prescribed by a qualified clinician, however, longer-term solutions can be found in lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure through dietary changes.

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The worst high cholesterol foods include UK favorites such as steak, full-fat milk, beef, pork chops, and cheese. 

Men tend to fall short when it comes to ditching meat in their meals. The latest figures from Statista show women aged 35-44 lead the way with double the number following a vegan diet.

Foods to Eat For Better Sex Life

The health benefits of veganism show that plant-based dieters tend to have lower blood sugar levels, a higher consumption of antioxidants, and reduction in inflammation through eating fermented foods, all whilst contributing to the future health of the planet.

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Superintendent pharmacist Abbas Kanani of Chemist Click says “As a longer-term solution, lifestyle changes like regular exercise along with substituting red meat and full-fat dairy products are simple, practical ways to improving performance in bed.” 

Self-esteem in men experiencing erectile dysfunction can be hit hard, leading to lack of confidence, communication issues and relationship breakdowns. These lifestyle changes may not only improve sexual activity, but also help with energy levels, productivity, and overall mental health.  

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