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13th December is Celebrated As National COCOA Day

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You might be wondering why I am talking about celebrating Cocoa today? It is because 13th December is marked as National Cocoa Day. It is generally a holiday in the United States on this day. Cocoa day falls in this month because a warm cup of cocoa on a chilly December day makes the best combination ever. 

This day is also a reminder for the people that when it comes to hot beverages, there are other options beyond the typical ‘tea and coffee.’ Also, many people confuse cocoa drinks with hot chocolate. The latter is made using ground chocolate powder and cocoa butter. However, cocoa drinks are made with cocoa powder, milk, and water. 

Where did COCOA come from?

Cocoa beans, also known as cacao beans, are then dried and fermented seeds of Theobroma cacao. The cocoa solids and butter are extracted from these seeds. Its origin dates back to ancient times. There are various stories about the discovery of cocoa beans. However, the evidence says that the Olmec civilization first cultivated the cacao beans in Mesoamerica, which is now Central America and Mexico. Thereafter, Christopher Columbus discovered cocoa beans through an indigenous Mayan merchant in Honduras and took some of them back with him to Spain.

Before being introduced in Europe, it was consumed for centuries in South America. Even the Spaniards were among the firsts to discover this flavor, but they rejected it and labeled it better. However, later these beans were fermented, and they were converted into chocolate, which ultimately became the best substitute. When these beans were imported to Europe, the people started refining them. This beverage became a drink of the elite people. Shortly thereafter, chocolate bars, drinks, and hot Cocoa were invented.

How can you celebrate National Cocoa Day?

  1. Drink cocoa- One of the best ways to celebrate Cocoa day is by having a hot cup of cocoa milk for any kind of cocoa-based beverage. Just grab your mug, make yourself a hot Cocoa drink and enjoy the winters. You can also try making new beverages with cocoa beans or powder.
  2. Cocoa delicacies– Cocoa can be consumed in so many ways. It is all about exploring and experimenting. You can try making cake, pudding, banoffee, or any other dessert with Cocoa. You can also try your hands at hot cocoa bombs.
  3. Cocoa party– Celebrations are more fun when you have your friends to party with. You can make any cocoa beverage or delicacy and invite your friends to grab a bite. Since a holiday is observed on this day, you can party with your friends.
  4. Spread a word- Why not spread a word about Cocoa or this day. Just the way we are celebrating this day, by informing you. You can post about this on your social media handles, and you can also share recipes with your friends and your followers on social media.

Best Quotes for the Cocoa lovers

“The superiority of chocolate (hot chocolate), both for health and nourishment, will soon give it the same preference over tea and coffee in America which it has in Spain.”- Thomas Jefferson.

“Forget love. I’d rather fall in chocolate.”

“Here is a story that’s stranger than strange. Before we begin, you may want to arrange: a blanket, a cushion, a comfortable seat, and maybe some cocoa and something to eat. I’ll warn you, of course, before we commence; my story is eerie and full of suspense, brimming with danger and narrow escapes, and creatures of many remarkable shapes. Dragons and ogres and gorgons and more, and creatures you’ve not even heard of before. And faraway places? There’s plenty of those! (And menacing villains to tingle your toes.) So ready your mettle and steady your heart. It’s time for my story’s mysterious start…” ― Robert Paul Weston, Zorgamazoo.

“Cacao has great nutritional value, a lot of protein, which strengthens a person, and without sugar, it is not fattening.”― Samael Aun Weor.

“Warm wishes and marshmallow kisses.”

“Me + chocolate = together forever.”


“Winter evenings were made for hot chocolate.”

 “Don’t think that chocolate is a substitute for love. Love is a substitute for chocolate.”

“Keep calm and get your hot chocolate on.”

“Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is.”

 “I’m a real Grinch before I’ve had my hot chocolate.”

“The holidays are better with hot chocolate bombs.”

“All I want for Christmas is a hot chocolate bomb or a few.”

“Chocolate: a delicious cure for a bad day.”

 “Walking in a winter wonderland is a lot easier to do when you’ve got some hot chocolate.”

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy chocolate, which is basically the same thing.”

 “My soul’s had enough chicken soup. I want chocolate.”

“If it’s not chocolate, it’s not breakfast.”

“A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands.”

“We go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows.”

“I feel like this hot chocolate bomb is really starting to warm up to me.”

“Hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside.”

Hot COCOA quotes

“Today is a hot chocolate kind of day.”

“Hot chocolate on a cold day makes everything warm.”

“I love days when my only problem is how many hot chocolates to have.”

“I don’t trust people who don’t drink hot chocolate.”

“There is no problem so big that hot chocolate can’t be the answer.”

“Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth always lies.”

“Save the planet; it’s the only one with chocolate.”

“Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree, which has leaves, so it’s basically a salad.”

“Chocolate is great. It gives you the energy to go buy more chocolate.”

“There is nothing better than a friend unless it’s a friend with hot cocoa.”

“Cuddle with a cup of hot cocoa.”


“He stared at his hot chocolate like it held the secret to the universe.”

“Let’s get lost in a world full of books and hot chocolate.”

“Hot chocolate because adulting is hard.”

“O.C.D Obsessive chocolate disorder.”

“Hiding under a blanket with some hot chocolate.”

“Heading to the hot chocolate, be back never.”

Best Chocolate Quotes

 “Follow me to the hot chocolate.”

“Chocolate lovers have sweeter babies.”

 “I love you more than chocolates.”

 “Body type: works out, but definitely loves chocolate.”

“Hot chocolate is the closest thing we can taste of heaven.”

“Why winter is the best: hot chocolate. The end.”

Quotes for Chocolate Lovers

“Not all who wander are lost. Some are looking for hot chocolate.”

“All you need is love, but a little bit of hot chocolate doesn’t hurt either.”

 “A cup of cheer is basically hot chocolate.”

 “People disappoint, but hot chocolate is eternal.”

My superpower is making hot chocolate disappear.”

“In heaven, chocolate has no calories and is served as the main course.”

“Sadness is no chocolate in the house.”


“Let’s be real; dark chocolate is the best kind of chocolate.”

Wake me up before you cocoa!”

Hot chocolate is the chocolate bomb!”

Snuggling with my hot chocolate.”

Did someone say hot chocolate? I’m on the way.”

You had me at hot chocolate.”

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”

“Maybe hot chocolate wants to be called beautiful chocolate just one time.”


Who was the first person to drink cocoa? 

It is believed that the Mayans started drinking cocoa 2000 years ago.

What are the health benefits of cocoa?

Cocoa is rich in antioxidants. It helps to prevent cancer, cocoa beans help with digestion, and the flavonoids in cocoa also positively affect keeping our veins healthy.

National Cocoa Day is also about experimenting with your hot cocoa. #Nationalcocoaday.

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