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How To Have the Attitude of a Confident Woman

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A healthy dose of self-respect and self-love combined with body language full of self-confidence shows that you don’t back down whatever life throws in your way; that’s the goal. 

Yes, there are still companies out there where it’s twice as hard to get recognized as a professional when you are a female, but you can see this as a challenge, and if you make it, it’s even more satisfying. 

However, there are days where even the most confident and assertive among us struggle to keep the mind focussed, so I put a list together of 11 ways you can instantly use to remind yourself of your inner strength. 

1. Get your posture right!

If you feel bad, don’t arch your back. Get up, sit up, stand up. A straight back, breast out, head up, and the world looks different already. Put yourself in front of a mirror and ask yourself: Does someone really wants to mess with that, Lady? “I doubt it! Remember, it’s not ego if you show your self-confidence! 

2. Observe your self talk!

Don’t talk yourself down after a mistake; you are human after all; accept that not everything can go 100% right. If you are at a really dark place, try affirmations like “I deserve better, and I’m ready to fight for it “or “I’m the mistress of my fate, and I decide how things happen in my life. ” In any other situation, give yourself a pep talk and give it another try. 

3. Use positive words when speaking about you and about others.

Lift others up; it will come back manifold. Positivity reflects positivity, and you’ll naturally attract more of it. Like, around who would you prefer to be, someone grumpy or someone with a sincere smile? The answer is obvious. 

4. Workout or meditate..

Both are great ways to release stress and revive your spirits. There are fantastic free, guided meditations and workout routines on Youtube. You can do the exercises in your living room, no need to go to a gym! No more excuses! 

5. Stop worrying about gossip and avoid toxic people at all costs…

Remember, if you don’t have a life yourself, you need to talk about others. That’s not your deal! Yes, that can be a problem when you have someone like a family member constantly bad talking you, but try to find time-outs to amplify your self-worth otherwise. 

6. Express your feelings honestly and defend them when someone tries to grade them down!

It’s again a sign of self-confidence when you openly tell people what you think. Don’t let anybody doubt your words, decisions, or your point of view. Stick to it and apologize when necessary and do it with grace and dignity. 

7. Dare to take a day off; you deserve it!

A day at a local wellness center can work miracles for your mind. A steam bath with some herbs or a sauna stay releases stress, and your muscle can relax. Maybe get a massage next time too. 

8. Make it a habit to try new things from time to time…

That can be a new sport or a spontaneous weekend trip to another city. Dare to be different and do things others might raise an eyebrow about. It keeps life exciting and makes you unpredictable for your competitors, be it in school or your job. 

9. Never stop learning!

Never stop experiencing, never stay still, and let your mind wither away. Stagnation is the first step in the grave, don’t walk down the dead with 25 but got buried with 75 roads. You deserve better! 

10. Don’t live in the past!

The past has shaped your present you, but that is not necessarily you of your future. Embrace change and see it as a chance to develop with your mind and soul. Letting go is crucial, and while it’s easy said, it could need a while mastering it. 

11. If you need help, go out there and ask for it!

Don’t be too shy, too anxious, or too proud to ask for help. We can’t handle things in life on our own, no matter who we are and where we come from. A serious mental issue can’t be fixed by trying to re-adjust your mindset; it needs professional support. Accept it if asking for help is paramount for your wellbeing. Don’t procrastinate or neglect yourself. 

Eventually, it’s all up to you. Dare to be you and show it to the world. Treat yourself and live in the moment more often. Show dignity when it’s necessary but don’t hold back when it comes to making your hands dirty. There is a quote from Caroline Mytinger. “A woman’s destiny, they say, is not fulfilled until she holds in her arms her own little book “- What’s your book about? You decide if it becomes a drama, thriller, or simply the most entertaining novel you can imagine! It’s up to you. 

My suggestion: Get out now and fill your pages with excitement, follow your aspirations, dare to stand out, and show the world what you are capable of! 

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Katrin "Kate" Treitler is the creative mind behind Biorhythm Central, a blog dedicate to upgrade the Law of Attraction. As a long-time student of Rhonda Byrne, Esther Hicks, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, and Maya Angelou, she is on a mission to amplify the ancient knowledge to enhance the lives of everyone. Currently, her dedication is directed to the blog, but authoring a book is planned for the future.

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