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Ultimate Coffee Notes Guide: How Far Should You Go For Your Perfect Cup Of Joy

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Coffee is arguably the go-to drink of so many people — some would even say that their day wouldn’t start until they had their first cup of coffee. 

It makes sense why many people love coffee so much. Firstly, it’s a delicious beverage, and you can customize it according to your taste. And secondly, it offers several health benefits. It contains caffeine, a substance that can boost your energy and make you feel less tired. It is also teeming with antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients, thus making it a healthy drink

Because of all the benefits that you can get from a cup of coffee, you’re probably now inspired to start making your own cup every morning. But how exactly do you make a perfect cup of coffee? Here are some tips to guide you. 

Avoid Instant Coffee

The first rule of thumb in making coffee is to avoid using instant coffee. This is not just because real coffee beans taste a lot better than instant coffee — but it’s also because instant coffee is not exactly a healthy choice. 

You see, instant coffee has way more acrylamide — this is a chemical that forms after the coffee beans are roasted — than regular coffee, and this can negatively affect your nervous system. Not only that, having more acrylamide may actually increase your chances of contracting cancer, and that’s not a good thing. 

Because of all this, you’re better off not using instant coffee. Sure, instant coffee may be cheaper and last longer than coffee beans, but considering all the adverse side effects, it’s not worth it. 

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Get the Right Water Quality and Temperature

To make sure that the flavor profile of your coffee is divine, you need to get the right water quality and temperature. 

The water temperature, in particular, has a massive influence on a coffee’s flavor. If you pour water with a temperature of 185°F and lower, then you won’t get as much of the bean’s flavor notes, and you’ll end up with a bitter taste instead. But if the water is around 205°F, then you’ll extract more flavor from the beans. 

Aside from the temperature, it’s also important to take note of the water’s quality. The ideal water for coffee is one that doesn’t have a lot of minerals. If you’re not sure of your tap water’s quality, then you might want to get a top-shelf filter. 

Choose Your Preferred Grind

For avid coffee lovers, a grinder is a worthy investment. And if you’re considering buying one for yourself, you need to answer this question first: what is your taste preference when it comes to coffee? Do you like sweet coffee? Or do you prefer a caffeinated cup? 

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The right grinder for you will depend on your answer. The grinder that produces a finer grind will give you a coffee that is filled with all the flavors, while the grinder that produces a coarse grind will give you a cup with more caffeine punch. 

Think carefully about what your taste preference is before choosing a grinder to purchase.

Look Up Coffee Recipes to Try

The tips mentioned above are only the basics of making coffee. If you follow the steps, then you’ll get the typical taste of coffee, which is excellent enough. But it can get tiring if you’re only consuming one flavor of coffee for a long time. As such, it’s a good idea to try a variety of flavors.

The best way to do this is to look up coffee recipes. You can find these recipes everywhere — from Google or from your friends and family. You can even get recipes from apps like Good Fika

There is no limit as to where you can find good coffee recipes to try. You just have to look for them actively. 


A cup of coffee has the potential to make your day brighter and livelier — but only if it’s done right. If you’re not used to making your own coffee, then you should follow the tips mentioned above. They will guide you in creating your own cup of perfection.

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