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Balancing Motherhood & Work – 5 Surefire Ways to Balance the chaos in your Life

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Being a mom is chaotic enough, not to mention how you suddenly realize you’ve been voluntold to become a natural leader not only for your kids, and household, but in all aspects of your life! Now, let’s factor in a full-time job at that, and life can seem like it’s one big tornado of chaos, right?

Well, trust me when I say that chaos can actually be a good thing! Think of it as your best friend that’s turning your chin the other way and looking at all the chaos in your life and seeing it as a catalyst for your growth. Okay, I know you’re probably thinking what this girl is talking about, right?

Well, being a mom of 3, a corporate executive, and a business owner of two companies, if there’s anything I can tell you, it’s complicated only if you make it so!

Let me give you 5 simple and effective ways you can use the chaos in your life to balance not only motherhood and work but your life!

1. Take 5 min vacays every day, all day long!

Yup, you heard me right. It’s what you do most that count, so slaving away at your computer at work then coming home to all the chaos in your household, kids, spouse, cooking, and cleaning and finding 20min for yourself is NOT really useful. Schedule five minutes of EVERY hour (YES put it on your calendar literally), and use it to recharge and rejuvenate yourself by taking a quick walk around the room, standing up and doing squats, mindful breathing, just looking away and focusing on a point in the wall, etc. I know you have five minutes now, c’mon and spreading it throughout the day will help you balance your energy all day long.

2. Find ways to bring what you love into everything you do

Balancing Motherhood & Work – 5 Surefire Ways to Balance the chaos in your Life

If you’re in a job that you don’t really like or even doing some parenting or household tasks that you’re not fond of, rather than despising every moment of it, bring in something you do love into it. Let’s say you need to review your finances, and you hate numbers, well do you like classical music, maybe? Throw on some music as you do your finances. Making dinner for your kids seems overwhelming when you’re already tired from work? Make your kids into mini chefs even if they are young and have them work on breaking the spinach apart or washing the veggies! Kids love to help, especially if you empower them with “Big girl/boy” tasks.

3. Time Chunking Your Day

One tactical tool that I find effective at work and at home is time chunking – delegate a chunk of time to focus on one type of task. For example, chunk all household tasks together in a period of three hours on the weekend, chunk all of your meetings at work in the core hours of your job, and leave another chunk of time to respond to emails or documentation. Chunk out some time for personal phone calls or playtime time with kids. This actually helps your brain focus on one type of activity fully, making you more efficient and effective at it, thereby saving you time in your overall day!

4. Teaching vs. Telling

Balancing Motherhood & Work – 5 Surefire Ways to Balance the chaos in your Life

This one can seem hard being moms and women as we innately want to help others, especially our kids, and solve things for them. But, by telling them what to do, we are inherently enabling them to become more dependent on us and increasing our own chaos. So, both at work, if you lead a team, and at home where you are a leader for your kids (maybe even your spouse), learn the art of impromptu teaching. Yes, it can take a little longer to get things done at first, but trust me it is the best timesaver in the long run and it empowers you to spend your time more efficiently, and it enables others to learn and grow themselves, so they aren’t reliant upon you or anyone else!

5. Being Selfish is the key to motherhood

Last but I’m guessing definitely the least favorite among you superpower ladies, especially, I know I probably became the most hated person on earth by saying this. But think about it. Who are you really trying to validate by trying to be super mom, superwoman, or super anything? We, as moms, are always trying to be there for everyone else but ourselves. We put ourselves last on the priority list, neglecting what we really need to please others or feel like we need to be everything for others, or we feel selfish taking time for our own wellness. 

Well, let me give it to you ladies, if you are not selfish for your own wellness, sanity, and mental health, then no one else will be. Setting some loving and compassionate barriers with others (at work and home) and taking those five minutes every hour AND at least one day a week having some dedicated alone time to yourself is crucial to your mind, body, and energy. Without that, you WILL burn out, and the chaos will override you.  

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Jothi Dugar
Jothi Dugar helps working moms use the power of chaos as their superpower to transform their life, their wellness, and their careers and become authentic and powerful leaders of their lives. Jothi offers individual and corporate programs that 10x their happiness, success, and energy enabling them to not just survive, but thrive.

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