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6 Ways To Stop Being Intimidated by Other Women

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Are you the kind of woman who easily gets intimidated?

You have a fear that someone might overtake your capabilities and skills. Afraid to see your flaws dominate when you hang out and talk to another woman.

Basically, that feeling will lead to low self-esteem. I know it’s hard to admit, but you have to recognize your situation. So, to overcome it, check out the list below on how to stop being intimidated by another woman; 

1. Know who you are 

The moment you know who you are will lead you to revelation. You are a human being who has flaws, insecurities, weaknesses, and imperfections. Remember that it’s not only you who feel intimidated. Sometimes, you might not know that the woman you’re facing now is also intimidated by you. Don’t just focus on the negative side because you are still worthy despite your imperfections. You have your own strength that others might not have. Boldness also comes from knowing who you are in Christ. So, cheer up and flaunt that confidence! 

2. Be yourself 

You don’t need to act like others just so everybody will like you. I know sometimes you want another woman to go down to your level to agree with you. But you don’t have to be on the same level because you are all unique. So, stop acting like them to cover up your intimidation. Remember that the most important thing is you have the opinion of God. Even though no one is applauding for you, as long as God is applauding you, then that is enough. 

3. Remind yourself that it’s all in the mind 

Sometimes, the enemy is just inside your head, creating negative stories to make you feel bad. Remember that whatever the enemy is telling you, the opposite is true. Your perception about things is important, so shift that mindset to overcome intimidation. 

4. Be confident 

Confidence in yourself is one of the keys to overcoming intimidation. The more you feel not confident about yourself, the less you see your worth, and that’s when you feel intimidated. You have to keep in mind that you also have the edge over another woman. It’s not like everyone has it all. You have your own strength to stand out in a crowd. 

5. Love yourself 

To love yourself means embracing your flaws and imperfections. Learn to stop comparing yourself because there’s only one ‘you’ in this world, and no one can replace you. You are unique and capable to-do things that others can’t. Therefore, there’s no point in being intimidated by other women. Remember to value your worth. 

6. Take responsibility for yourself 

Stop putting the blame on another woman because of how you feel. No one can hurt you without your consent because you have to permit them to do so. It is not also their fault if you see them as rivals or inferior towards you. Sometimes the problem is how we see things without understanding them. Learn to get along with them, and you’ll find out that first impression isn’t always right. Also, stand up for yourself because you should be the only one responsible for your emotions. 

Intimidation comes in many forms; it’s good that you have an intentional approach to overcome it. Because not all are able to recognize that weakness in them, you might not be able to get a quick result, but you are already in a process. It is already a stepping stone for you to get out from that weakness. Just enjoy, take time and focus on things that can help you conquer it. 

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Marydel Mitch Flores
Mitch loves to write, she's a screen play writer and a short film maker. Also, she loves to play piano, music is one of her passion. She always believe to "Let all that you do be done with Love" ?

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