Forgiveness Leaves No Aftertaste: The Art of Letting Go

Forgiveness Leaves No Aftertaste: The Art of Letting Go

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To let go is to be set free.

The memories you hold most dear give you an emotional lift. The memories that weigh on you are ones you would benefit most from letting go.

Every one of us has a little emotional weight to lose. The places within us that are unhealed are heavy so carry emotional weight. Learning to forgive and let go of results in emotional weight loss.

When you feel lighter, your vibration is raised, and you are more available to joy, inspiration, and your natural intuition. 

If you hold a grudge eventually, that will be all you can hold.

Holding a grudge is a heavy burden to carry. Know that resentment is a thief. Unless you release your feelings of resentment, they will continue to steal your light. 

The act of forgiving someone who isn’t remotely sorry or even aware of what they did offers huge relief. Talk about losing emotional weight! 

The person or persons who wronged you are not suffering because you hold a grudge. You, however, are. Why carry the burden?

Forgiveness has less to do with the one who caused you harm and more to do with you and your self-acceptance level and self-love. Everyone makes mistakes, even you.

Self-blame carries the most weight. 

Compassion can be a lifesaver. 

There is no need to get even with anyone. The Universe is on your side.

Every thought and action returns to its root. This is the Law of Cause and Effect, which is often referred to as Karma. An aspect of Karma is what I refer to as the boomerang effect. Every action yields a reaction.

When a person deliberately (or otherwise) brings harm to another, the Universe responds in a way that will provide just the right lesson for them that essential to make a point and offer an opportunity for growth.  

The boomerang effect affects us all, so there is no need for vengeance. The Universe has your back. 

Every soul yearns for the light. 

Some souls need to go through more darkness than others in order to find their light. Letting go of judgement is another way to lose emotional weight.  

When we act out of kindness and love, the boomerang effect responds accordingly, and happiness is the outcome. 

  • Be an artist at forgiveness; practice these steps to help you let it go. 
  • Be accepting. Acceptance is a form of forgiveness. 
  • Let go of what no longer serves you and feel the emotional weight drop. 
  • When the heaviness of resentment arises, release and forgive through compassion and let it go to allow the good things to flow.
  • Forgive yourself!
  • Allow yourself to feel empowered by the spirit of forgiveness. 
  • Make a habit out of forgiving yourself and others every day for even the smallest of things.
  • Notice how the act of forgiveness lifts your mood.
  • Throughout the day, remind yourself that you are loving and are loved and that you are forgiving and are forgiven.
  • Appreciate the feeling of lightness acceptance and forgiveness brings, and it will multiply.
  • Acknowledge how elevated your thoughts now are and how perceptive you are becoming.
  • Notice how sharp your sense of humor is and how joyful it feels to laugh.

Forgiveness leaves no aftertaste. 

Where there is forgiveness, there is joy. When you can freely forgive yourself, you will find there are less instances in your life that need forgiving. 

Let life love you. Inhale. Exhale. Loosen the hold you have on what is ‘supposed to be” and just be!