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Why do Intelligent People Embrace the Thought Of Taking One Decision At A Time?

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Most people do not realize the importance of decision-making in day-to-day activities. But, in reality, decision-making is a skill of the brain that lets you get through the day. The brain’s ability to choose between many responsibilities makes it intelligent.

Wake up Struggles

Right from the morning, your toothpaste is over, and there is no water; which one do you think needs your focus?

Of course, it is the water. 

No water? Then how will you brush with your hypothetical toothpaste? 

These decisions are not as big as the ones CEOs take in their offices, whether to invest in a company or let go, but they are equally important decisions. 

Intelligent people do not focus on the big goals or ignore the small goals. They take every step before they reach their final door. 

Likewise, imagine, if you are the CEO of an XYZ company, you are so late for work, but there is no toothpaste or water. How will you make the big decisions for the day if you do not address the decision before you first?

They Categorize

Embrace the Thought Of Taking One Decision At A Time

Intelligent people love to take things slow. No, it is not love, relax. It is about deciding what to do throughout the day. Categorizing is what makes them stand apart. Decisions are necessary, no doubt about that. But which decisions to take first and keep for the last is where the mind wears the crown of INTELLIGENCE. 

Say, for instance, you have a doctor’s appointment, and your newspapers are piling up in the showcase. Which do you think needs your most undivided attention? The appointment. Newspapers can reach the doorstep of your old newspaper collector’s office at any time of the day. Maybe, after the doctor’s appointment. 

Making one decision at a time requires you to choose between things that are important at the moment and the things which do not demand your attention. 

Quick-witted Decision Making

Suppose you need a huge water container for the house and the current one is small. You have a new huger container you purchased online for keeping wheat. But this container has no tap for removing water. 

You do not know how it would fit in the kitchen or how much space would it leave for the water bottle on the kitchen platform. The quick-wittedness of intelligent people comes into play here. 

When you visit a Cutler, you carry a glass or bottle with you. 


Well, to make sure that the bottle does not bend or you do not have to catch the bottle while water drips in it. 

Taking one decision of carrying the water bottle to Cutler saved a lot of future decisions.

Too many thoughts confuse the mind

Embrace the Thought Of Taking One Decision At A Time

Your mind has an interconnection in between called the Corpus Callosum. It connects both the halves of the brain with each other. 

When you have to make a decision, electrical communication between them increases. 

Whenever you make too many decisions, it confuses the halves of the brain to make many decisions at a time. This confusion leads to mishandling of items in front of you. 

In a hurried environment, when you have to make many decisions, your confused state of mind 

  • makes you spill things at hand, 
  • blocks your brain from receiving sentences uttered by the person next to you, 
  • and takes you to a place where there is only peace. 

The intelligent people have been there and done that. 

They know that too many toppings on the pizza will spoil the essence. So they do not want to go there again. They choose to take one decision at a time. 


Two divides of the world – Suryavanshi and Chandravanshi 

Suryavanshi takes time to plan an event, loves to plan, and wants everything to carry out smoothly. 

Chandravanshi does not take time to plan an event, hates to plan about it, and loves to act quickly and unpredictably. 

Why am I telling you all this?

That is what happens when intelligent people have to make decisions. At times some decisions need them to act like Suryavanshi. And some make them think like Chandravanshi. 

The decisions where they have to think like Suryavanshi- they take one decision at a time. And when they make decisions like Chandravanshi, they take too many decisions at a time, and that too pretty quickly. 

The one that they love to portray is Suryavanshi

The one they loathe to portray is Chandravanshi. 

Suryavanshi knows that the activity at hand is in their hands. Chandravanshi knows that it is 10% in their hands and 90% in the hands of LUCK!

Concluding lines

Some benefits of taking one decision at a time, that of course, most intelligent people love to embrace – 

  • You get ample time to think it through and do not have to rush your mind to take one single decision at a time. 
  • One decision presents you with all the pros and cons around it. You can list them down or picture them well. 
  • Your goals and values take up most of your life. You get to satisfy both of them while you take the one most important decision of your life. 
  • Make sure someone on your turf knows about your decision. It could transform your life completely. For instance, it could be about your job, marriage, sexuality, or career. 
  • Check your options once again. Taking one decision at a time gives you time to check out options. Why should you do it v/s why should you not do it. Does it feel right v/s why does it feel wrong?
  • Intelligent people have tried and tested taking too many decisions at a time. And they know that it is not fruitful. 
  • Processing information in the brain takes time. And so, taking one decision at a time suits the brain the most. 

What is the most crucial decision you have made recently?

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