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Time Management: What is it and Why Entrepreneurs Should Prioritize Time Management

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Have you noticed that some people seem to always have time for everything they want, and then, there is you asking yourself HOW? How do they do it? 

Well… I have the answer: they have Time Management skills!

What is time management?

Time management is the strategy and process of planning how much time you spend on specific activities, so you can be more efficient, productive and achieve your goals with fewer efforts. 

If you feel like you were not born with this gift, don’t worry about it because EVERYONE can improve their time management skills!

Why is time management so important for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs are always in a state of mind that entails way too many things. Launching, executing, and scaling a business is an intellectual and sometimes physical exercise involving a lot of research, networking, planning, business strategy, marketing, sales, and a non-stop list of activities. 

Usually, entrepreneurs spend their day jumping between tasks, hopping on calls, attending events, and paying attention to every single decision for their business endeavor. 

This is why time management skills are one of the most valuable skills an entrepreneur can develop, and they are extremely rewarding in the long run. Not only because it will help them in their business, but also their personal life. 

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Before telling you the top 7 benefits of having strong time management skills, I want to mention 5 consequences of not having them: 

  • High-stress levels.
  • Not having a work-life balance.
  • Poor quality work.
  • Inefficient work-flow.
  • Missing deadlines. Which also will harm your professional reputation.

I know that for some of you, it may seem counter-intuitive to dedicate precious time to learning about time management instead of using it to do your actual work, but the BENEFITS are MASSIVE, as you will now see:

1. Structure your work:

Time management allows you to structure your work and stop working without a purpose, without sense. This makes you accomplish your goals with more ease.

2. Improve your performance: 

Knowing which are your important tasks, how long will they take, and what you need to have them done allows you to focus on what really matters and stop doing shallow work or spending time on small tasks that by the end will not increase your results. Planning and scheduling the important tasks is what will allow you to see those profits up. 

3. Increase your creativity and set higher goals:

By controlling the time you spend on your daily tasks, you will also have more time to think about what you want your life and your company to look like.

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4. Deliver work on time: 

How many times do you see yourself rushing up to deliver something the same day as the deadline? 

With time management, you’ll know how to plan in advance, and you’ll be able to hit your deadlines every time!

5. Reduce your stress: 

When seeing an endless list of tasks to accomplish both for work and in your personal life, you might feel anxious. You might even get paralyzed when you don’t know where to start, and therefore you decide to do something else (hello procrastination!).

However, with good time management skills, you can easily prioritize your to-do list, and since you already know how long it takes you to finish each task, you will give yourself enough time to accomplish them, which will reduce your stress levels.

6. Boost your confidence: 

When you manage your time properly, have it all planned and scheduled, and you successfully meet your deadlines, you will notice how your confidence increases because you can trust your abilities to accomplish your goals.

A good example of confidence’s boost is that moment when you finished your daily to-do list, and you feel like you succeeded that day, and the day before, and so on, because now you have the habits to make it every day.

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7. Not compromising your work-life balance:

By controlling your schedule, your work-flow, and basically your time! You will not only find yourself achieving your goals with more ease, but also you will see yourself having a life. 

When you have strong time management skills, you will see how easy it is for you to balance work and personal life because you will know how to do so. 

As you can see, spending a little time learning about how to increase your time management skills will have huge benefits not only now but forever!

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Alejandra Marquéshttps://alejandramarques.thinkific.com/
Alejandra Marqués Méndez is a time management and goal achievement mentor, project manager at a research center, and also like you, she is a daughter, granddaughter, sister, girlfriend, and a friend! With over seven years of experience studying two degrees (& graduating top of her class in both of them) and working at the same time, and still have time to learn six languages, she is an expert in productivity and goal achievement. Her mission is to empower driven female entrepreneurs to accomplish in 2 months what normally would take them over a year, get rid of procrastination, and create time for all the things they’ve been keeping in their bucket list their whole life, with her TIME signature method.

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