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8 Fun Developmental Activities For Your Baby

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The first few years of a child’s play a big role in the development of their skills and abilities. Everything that they do and makes during their first 3 years creates a big impact on how well they will do later in life. For example, mastering the skill of walking makes a child’s leg muscles stronger which can be a great asset for any athletic activity.

As parents, how can you make these few years of their lives more fruitful and helpful? In this article, we will discuss some of the most fun and involving developmental activities for you and your baby. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Practice walking outside

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Some parents may think that keeping their kids inside the house is safe. While it is true for many things, it can be more helpful for children to have exposure outdoors. You can take your child for a quick walk in the park or playground at least once a week. To keep them comfortable and safe, make sure to pick the proper baby walking shoes. Not all shoes for kids are meant for walking. If you are planning to walk on a rougher road or sandy ground, the right baby walking shoes with soles are the best way to go.

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2. Discover music through instruments

Music is one of the best ways to develop your child’s senses. It’s not only meant for hearing but it is also strengthening their memory. To make it more fun and involving, you can buy some kids’ instruments and let your baby play with them. For starters, a simple xylophone with colorful designs can be enticing to them. It’s not too complicated plus it makes wonderful sounds. As much as possible, avoid electric or techy instruments in the beginning. Analog instruments can help develop their creative skills further because of the authentic music and sounds it produces.

2. Build a fort or play house

Speaking of creativity, nothing beats the traditional building of a fort or play house to develop your child’s abilities. Building a fort and enjoying a playhouse practice both their muscular and creative skills. Moreover, a fort or playhouse can also teach them independence and the state of individuality. They can design it the way they want, decorate it as they prefer, and enjoy it the way they choose. Plus, it can also be a good spot for an exciting bedtime story. It’s a treat for you and for them.

4. Toy sorting and organizing

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One of the biggest challenges in having an infant or a toddler is the toy mess. You can turn things around by making it a productive developmental activity. Introduce your kids to sorting or organizing their toys by colors, shapes, and sizes. This activity will help train their memory skill and at the same time will help them remember the names of each. Who says that practicing and memorizing colors cannot be productive, right? 

5. Create an easter egg hunt

Mazes and puzzles are a great way to practice an individual’s intellectual skill, not only for kids. However, starting them young can be very helpful for their analytical skills. But, remember, you are dealing with a toddler here. So, don’t make it too complicated. You can start by organizing an easter egg hunt around the house. You can hide eggs or treats and give them some clues to look for each. This will surely be an exciting activity for everyone!

6. Legos and play dough

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Legos and play doughs are originally made for kids, as much as adults love to play with them. Introducing these toys and activities can help develop their creativity skills a lot. It’s best if you will not give them any pattern or design to copy. You can lay down all the pieces in front of them and let them create a design of their own. It’s up to them to discover how these pieces will become a masterpiece. Although, just a caution or reminder for parents to closely keep an eye on their toddlers while playing with Legos and play dough. Kids tend to put everything in their mouths and it can be bad if they swallowed any of it.

7. Make a cup phone

Traditional ways never die, as they say. Pass on some traditional toys to your kids by introducing them to cup phones! Create a cup phone and give one end to your kid and hold the other one. Try hiding behind a couch or cabinet then start talking to each other. This activity will hone their communication skills and at the same time value the importance of communication.

8. Ask them to pick up something

Kids don’t usually run errands or do chores at home. However, simple tasks of asking them to pick up your book or bringing you a pillow may be helpful. Not only will this help them learn how to be obedient, but this activity can also develop their intellectual and analytical skills. Simply because when you ask them to pick up something, they have to know what it looks like and bring it back to you.

Help build their abilities!

Nothing is more important than the support and encouragement of their parents. Through this developmental stage in their lives, your kids should always have you by their side. Make sure to always help them build and hone their skills and abilities and your kids will surely go a long way.

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